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Things to remember about SR-22 coverage

An insurance company can label you as a “high-risk driver” for a couple of reasons. You may have had your license suspended because of a DUI, or you have multiple traffic violations. Your driving history determines your insurance cost and rates, but what if you don’t have that great of a driving history? In order to have a license reinstated or insure a high-risk driver, you may be required by your insurance company to obtain SR-22 coverage.

SR-22 coverage fulfills your state’s minimum required auto insurance and certifies that you have financial responsibility for your insurance. At Insurance Navy, we help drivers with high-risk driving records leave their accidents in the past and get back on the road again. Not only is our coverage reliable, but it’s also affordable. Reach out to us and talk to one of our agents today about Chicago SR22 Insurance.

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All you need to know about SR22 Coverage

Illinois SR22 infographic

Updated: December 2023

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