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What is SR22 Insurance?

Although it has the term insurance in it, SR22 Insurance is not insurance. SR22 insuranceRather it is proof that a driver is carrying their state’s required amount of car insurance. In some cases, an SR-22 is referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance?

There are several reasons a driver may be sr22 driverrequired to carry SR22 insurance. Below is a list of the most common reasons a driver would need an SR-22, keep in mind that each state has different requirements.

  • DUI or DWI conviction – usually the most common reason an SR-22 is issued, and occurs when drivers are caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs that limit their ability to function. 
  • Driving uninsured – this infraction occurs when a driver is caught operating a vehicle without an insurance policy. 
  • Driving Negligently – sometimes referred to as driving recklessly, occurs when a driver is convicted of a major traffic violation, such as excess speeding of 20 mph or more.
  • Severe at-fault accidents – If the accident that you were at-fault in is severe enough, meaning there was major damage to cars or persons, you can be required to carry the SR 22 coverage.
  • Driving on suspended or revoked licenses – this occurs when a driver is caught operating a car 
  • Multiple small infractions over time – When a driver incurs multiple small infractions, such as speeding or other moving violations in short periods of time, they may be required to carry the SR22.

How Does the Process Work

Once a court requires a driver to carry SR22 insurance, it is up to that person to request their insurance company issue it. If their insurer does not issue SR22’s, that driver should shop for SR-22 insurance quotes to land the best policy price.

From there, the insurance company will file the certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV. At this point, your main concern is to maintain your current level of coverage and avoid a lapse in your car insurance policy or SR-22 coverage.  

How Much Does It Cost

Typically, SR22 coverage has a low cost, and sometimes no cost, however that does not mean your actual car insurance will not rise. Depending on the infraction you incurred, an SR-22 will raise your car insurance premium significantly. 

How To Lower The Cost Of Your Insurance

If you want to lower the cost of your SR22, you have two good options. The first option is to raise your deductible, which is the amount you pay before you insurance kicks-in after an accident. The benefit of raising your deductible is that you pay less monthly for your car insurance. The drawback of raising it is that you are going to pay a larger amount in the case of an accident. So make sure you can afford the deductible amount before raising it.

Your other option to lower the costs of SR-22 insurance is to ditch your luxury or sport vehicle for something less expensive. Depending on the condition of your vehicle after your violation, you may be better off selling it and covering a much cheaper vehicle instead. This option is less viable than the above option, but is an option. 

What Are The Types Of SR22 Insurance

There are 3 types of SR22 coverage.types of sr22 insurance

  1. Owner’s Certificate: Covers cars owned by the policyholder, and they must be listed on the filing or they will not be covered. 
  2. Non-owner or Operator’s certificate: covers drivers in non-owned vehicles. This means that drivers who frequently borrow or rent cars can still drive. It also benefits drivers who do not own a vehicle, but are required to carry SR-22 insurance before they can have their license reinstated
  3. Owner-Operator’s Certificate: covers all cars owned or not owned by the driver.

Each type has a different cost, with a non-owners policy typically being cheaper, followed by owner’s certificate and owner-operator being the most expensive. 

How Long Does the SR-22 Insurance Requirement Last?

On average a SR-22 coverage lasts about 3 years, but that depends on your state’s laws and the severity of the infraction. Additionally, just like auto insurance, an SR 22 certificate must be renewed annually. If your SR-22 lapses or is canceled for any reason, the requirement will extend and you may face additional penalties.

What If My SR22 Insurance Policy Lapses

In the event that you do not renew your policy sr22 policy lapseprior to its expiration date, meaning it lapses, or you fail to make payments, your insurance provider is required to notify your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV. Once they are notified, they could revoke or suspend your license plus additional consequences.  

Avoid a lapse in SR-22 insurance by making payments on time and remembering to renew your policy before it expires. 

Who Files My SR22 Insurance Certificate

The company that you purchased your SR-22 and car insurance policy from will file the SR22 on your behalf. Keep in mind that not all companies issue SR22’s and some will cancel your policy if they deem you too high of a risk. 

Where Do I File My SR22 Insurance?

When a court orders you to carry SR-22 insurance, your first option is to go to your car insurer to request that they file it on your behalf. 

However, your insurer is not required to do so if they do not file SR-22’s. In this case, you will need to find a company, such as Insurance Navy, who will do the filing for you.

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