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Fast. Affordable. Reliable. SR 22 Coverage you can Count On. Do you have a less than stellar driving record? Has that ‘lead foot’ resulted in one too many speeding tickets? Have you been involved in multiple accidents or even a DUI? Are you unable to qualify for ‘regular’ car insurance with your usual insurance company?

SR 22 insurance can help.

When other insurance companies tell you to ‘see yourself out the door’, we step up to provide you with SR22 insurance coverage that gets you back on the road FAST.

Driving Without Insurance Isn’t the Answer: SR22 Insurance Coverage is

Don’t Let an Imperfect Driving Record Keep you from Getting Behind the Wheel

We understand that losing your auto insurance policy, and subsequently the ability to legally drive, can be devastating.

From work obligations and running the kids to school, to simply running errands, you need an auto insurance policy that restores your driving privileges and meets the legally required minimum liability requirements and coverage in your state.


We Make it EASY for you to get the car insurance coverage you need, no matter how ‘high’ risk other insurance companies say you are.

Fact is, life isn’t perfect, and your driving record doesn’t have to be either.

We believe everyone deserves the right to a high-quality auto insurance policy that satisfies their state’s requirements for insurance coverage and financial responsibility.

SR22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility – the policy you need to get back on the road

Every state (with the exception of NH) requires you to have a minimum amount of liability coverage on your vehicle in order to legally operate it on public roadways.

Yet, for those drivers who may be considered ‘high risk’ due to traffic violations, DUIs or other offenses, getting help from a car insurance company can be difficult.

In some cases, the quoted insurance cost for ‘at risk’ drivers is downright outrageous.

As a leader in the car insurance space, InsuranceNavy is proud to offer affordable insurance rates on products such as SR22 policies, and liability coverage that helps get drivers back on the road without breaking the bank.

If you need help with an SR22 filing or have questions about an SR22 form, we’re here to help. Our customer service agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping you get and SR22 quickly and affordably.

Experience the InsuranceNavy Difference

We know you have a lot of options when looking for SR 22 coverage. If you need to get an SR 22, we’d be honored to have you as a client.

As a customer-first auto insurance company, we put people before profit, going above and beyond to ensure you have the dedicated and personalized support needed.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Flexible policies and payment plans
  • Unbeatable service and support
  • Instant proof of insurance
  • Bad driving record? No problem!
  • Affordable quotes
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  • And more…

What is SR22 Insurance?

Different Names, Same Insurance: SR-22, SR 22, SR22 form

Most drivers who find out they need an SR22 are unfamiliar with what it is or how to fill out an SR 22 form.

An SR-22, also known as a ‘certificate of financial responsibility’ is a form of coverage that is often required for drivers who have been convicted of certain driving-related violations.

Is SR-22 Considered Insurance?

SR22 is not actually ‘insurance’ in the traditional sense, but rather proof that you have obtained and carry the required amount of coverage from an insurance company mandated by state law.

If a court order says you need SR22, we can help get you obtain a car insurance policy and proof of SR22 to get compliant quickly and affordably.

What is an FR-44?

If you’ve been ordered to obtain an SR22 certificate, you may have come across a form called an “FR-44”. This form is used as proof that you have obtained an active liability insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by state law.

Do I Need an SR22 or FR-44?

Just because you’ve had some mishaps on the road, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be required to obtain an SR22 or FR-44.

Although rules vary by state, obtaining this type of insurance form is usually determined by the court for those drivers who have violations on their record, including:

  • DWI or DUI
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Reckless driving

No matter which state you reside in, if an SR22 and FR-44 is required of you, your state’s DMV will notify you, usually by mail or during a court appearance.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance?

There are several reasons a driver may be required to carry SR22 insurance. Below is a list of the most common reasons a driver would need an SR-22. Bear in mind that each state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding who is required to obtain an SR22 policy.

If you have questions about your eligibility for insurance or what may be required of you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is standing by and eager to help you get the answers you need.

A DUI or DWI Conviction – This ranks among the most common reasons that an SR-22 is required by court order, and occurs when drivers are caught operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs exceeding the legal limit.

Driving Without Insurance – This infraction occurs when a driver is caught operating a vehicle without a valid insurance policy.

Reckless Driving – This violation is generally the result of a serious traffic offense, such as driving more than 20mph over the posted speed limit.

Severe ‘At-fault’ Accidents – If found ‘at fault’ of a serious accident, such as one that results in significant damage and/or injuries or death, you may be required to obtain SR22.

Driving On a Suspended or Revoked License – This offense refers to a driver caught operating a motor vehicle without a valid license or hardship license.

Multiple Traffic Violations – When a driver incurs multiple small infractions, such as speeding or other moving violations in short periods of time, they may be required to carry the SR22.

Does My State Require an SR22?

We certainly don’t want you worrying about the coverage you don’t even need. Each state has it’s own unique requirements with regards to who does (or who does not) need an SR 22. If you are unsure of whether or not you need one, we can help. Reach out to our team today to find out everything you need to know about the SR22.

How Does the Process Work for Getting an SR22?

Once a court requires a driver to carry SR22 car insurance, it is up to that person to request their insurance company issue it. If their insurer does not issue SR22’s, that driver will need to shop around for an insurance company that offers SR-22 quotes.

Once purchased from an insurance company (hopefully InsuranceNavy) they will file the certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV.

Need an SR 22?

With InsuranceNavy we make the process for getting SR22 as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Enter your zip code for a free estimate
  2. Provide us with a few other details such as your address and contact information
  3. Choose the “type” of insurance policy you need
  5. Get an SR22 with your policy at no additional cost

It’s really that fast, easy and hassle-free. And if you have questions, our world-class service team is always on hand to help out.

How Much Does an SR22 Cost?

How much Does SR22 Cost a Month?

The good news is that SR22 coverage is highly affordable, ranging from low cost to no cost at all. However, needing SR22 car insurance may have a negative impact on the overall cost to insure your vehicle.

Will SR-22 Increase My Insurance Premiums?

If SR22 is required by the court, it can increase your insurance premiums. The extent to which having an SR 22 will increase your premiums will largely be dependent on the type of infraction or traffic violation causing you to need this type of proof in the first place.

What Types of SR 22 Certificates Are There?

There are 3 forms of SR22:

Owner’s Certificate: Covers cars owned by the policyholder. Any vehicle not listed on the filing will not be covered.

Non-owner or Operator’s Certificate: Covers drivers in non-owned vehicles. This certificate is ideal for those who frequently borrow or rent cars from others. This type of certificate is also useful for those who do not currently own a car, but are required by the court to have SR 22 prior to having their license reinstated.

Owner-Operator’s Certificate: This comprehensive certificate provides coverage proof for all vehicles operated by the driver (i.e. you) regardless of whether or not you are the owner or just the operator of the vehicle.

How Long Does the SR-22 Insurance Requirement Last?

How long is the SR-22/FR-44 valid?

On average, the requirement for SR-22 coverage lasts for around 3-years.

However, the exact length of time that your state will require you to have SR 22 will depend on both the laws of your jurisdiction as well as the type and/or severity of your traffic violation(s).

Similar to car insurance, an SR22 certificate must be renewed annually. If your SR-22 lapses or is canceled for any reason, the requirement will extend and you may face additional penalties.

What Happens If My SR22 Insurance Policy Lapses?

Failure to renew your policy prior to its expiration date is called a ‘lapse’ in coverage. This is most commonly due to a failure to make payments. In such cases, your insurance company is required by law to notify your state’s DMV.

As a consequence, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles generally revokes or suspends your driver’s license, in addition to imposing other potential state-specific fees or penalties.

Who Files My SR22 Insurance Certificate?

Great question! You have enough to worry about already. This is why we file your SR 22 with the state on your behalf. Just a little something we can do to make our customers’ lives a little easier.

Where Do I File an SR22 Insurance Form?

When a court orders you to carry SR-22 insurance, your first stop should be at InsuranceNavy. As a leading insurance company for high-risk drivers with less than perfect records, we have the process of getting you your SR 22 down to a science.

Not only that, as your insurance carrier we file all of the necessary paperwork with the state to ensure you are in full legal compliance and ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice.

Why Choose Insurance Navy?

Insurance Navy specializes in helping drivers get low cost auto insurance coverage and INSTANT SR 22 proof to meet their state’s legal requirements.

We put drivers first, giving you the tools and resources to quickly get a FREE quote on comprehensive insurance solutions that put you back in the driver’s seat.

We work with any driver, regardless of their past driving record. Life is all about second chances, let us help get you back on the road.

If your current insurance company cancels your policy, or denies you coverage, speak with one of our local agents today or get a free online quote right on our website.

With a growing list of convenient office locations throughout the country, there’s sure to be an Insurance Navy near you.