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SR22 Insurance: What is an SR-22 and how does it work?

What is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that proves you are meeting your state’s minimum car insurance requirements. An SR-22 informs the Department of Motor Vehicles that you have the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law. You may need an SR-22 form to reinstate your drivers license if you have a DUI or have driven uninsured.

Who Needs SR-22 Car Insurance?

An SR-22 certificate typically is required following being convicted of a major traffic violation resulting in a drivers license suspension or revocation.

Some states may require filing an SR-22 form after other circumstances, but in general, committing one of the following offenses may also call for an SR-22 filing:

dui or dwi needs and SR-22 form


Being convicted of a DUI or DWI is the most common reason a driver needs an SR-22 to keep their driving privileges. A DUI conviction follows an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

driving uninsured requires a SR-22 certificate

Driving Uninsured

If you cannot provide proof of insurance coverage, a financial responsibility requirement or SR-22 form will force you to obtain the proper auto insurance coverage.

reckless driving or careless driving for SR22 insurance

Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly may also lead to you being convicted of a traffic violation and thus call for an SR-22. Reckless driving can include speeding or ignoring road signs.

at fault accidents may need a SR-22 requirement

At fault Accidents

Depending on the severity of an accident, if you have been found at fault for a collision, you may also be ordered by the courts to maintain an SR-22 for a set period of time.

multiple driving violations may require SR-22 forms

Multiple Violations

Drivers who rack up multiple smaller traffic violations in a short time frame may need to file an SR22 to regain their driving privileges.


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How Does SR-22 Insurance work?

If a driver needs to file an SR-22, they will receive a court order notifying them of their SR22 coverage requirements. It is the driver’s responsibility to file an SR-22 form with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to prove they have state minimum insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage coverage.

Outlined below are the basics of an SR-22 car insurance filing.

  1. You receive notice you are required to file an SR-22 with the state.

  2. Inform your insurer you need SR-22 insurance.

  3. Your insurer will fill out the paperwork and then file the SR-22 with the state.

  4. Your state accepts the SR-22 Form and recognizes you carry the minimum liability insurance.

You may have issues filing your SR-22 form if your agency is not licensed in the state requesting an SR-22 certificate. This may happen if you end up in an accident in another state or move following a traffic violation.

Living in a different state does not mean your SR-22 requirements vanish. If your insurance company is not licensed in the state requesting the SR-22, you will have to personally submit the SR-22 form with that state’s DMV to prove you have insurance coverage.

If the SR22 insurance process is overwhelming, contact the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or your agent for assistance on your state’s requirements on SR-22 insurance. Make sure you have your SR-22 form filed properly for when you may need to present proof of insurance coverage.

SR22 Insurance Costs

How much an SR-22 filing costs varies by state but it is usually a one-time fee. Driver’s usually pay around a $25 filing fee for filing SR-22 insurance. This SR-22 form filing fee can fluctuate by state and the insurance provider.

An SR-22 is relatively cheap and gets attached to your preexisting policy. If you are dropped from your SR-22 insurance provider or never had car insurance, you have some choices to make when it comes to finding the best SR22 coverage rates.

Shopping around can help give you an idea of where to find affordable SR-22 insurance, as SR22 insurance rates vary by company and by state. Fulfilling your state’s requirements when filing a SR-22 form should be a priority, but you also want to find a quote for a cheap SR22 insurance policy that is affordable. With nearly every company offering a SR22 insurance quote online, your chances of finding affordable options with great SR22 coverage at an even better rate may increase.

Will an SR-22 policy affect my insurance cost?

Yes. Having an SR-22 requirement labels you as a high-risk driver since SR22 coverage is only mandated following a severe traffic violation. If an SR-22 certificate alone doesn’t raise your coverage rates, the traffic violation on your record certainly will.

Upon informing your insurance company of the SR-22 requirement, you will most likely find your monthly rates increase. How much your insurance coverage cost will increase greatly varies by state and your insurance provider. The average cost increase in your auto insurance rates can vary from 15% to 50% by state for SR-22 drivers. Depending on the violation, such as a DUI, it could be even more. Always be prepared for higher insurance coverage rates after the SR-22 form filing.

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates After an SR-22 policy

Your car insurance premiums are bound to increase following an SR-22 requirement and you’re going to want to find a way to lower them. While they may never be as low as they were pre-SR-22, there are still some ways to make SR-22 insurance fit into your budget better.

One simple way to lower your SR22 insurance and car insurance premiums is by increasing your deductible. Your deductible is how much you promise to pay in the event of a claim. The higher your deductible is, the less your insurance premiums will be. When you agree to pay more out of pocket, your insurer will have to pay out less following a claim. It is important to remember that once you set your deductibles at a certain amount, you need to make sure that you can actually pay it following a collision.

Reconsidering what kind of vehicle you drive can also be helpful in lowering your car insurance premiums after an SR-22. High-powered, luxury vehicles are more expensive to insure than your everyday sedan. Newer models also tend to be more expensive to insure than decades-old vehicles. It’s beneficial to shop around and trade in your vehicle for one that’s a couple of years old with good safety ratings. You will appear to be less of an insurability risk to your insurance provider.

Bundling your Car Insurance with another type of insurance from the same company such as renters, homeowners, property insurance or roadside assistance can also help reduce the cost of your policy.

If you are still displeased with your SR22 insurance and car insurance premiums, ask your insurance agent about any discounts you are eligible for. Agents are well informed of SR22 insurance basics and of all kinds of discounts you can receive.

Canceling or Removing Your SR-22 Coverage

Even if you are certain your SR-22 period is up, contacting your states Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV confirming you no longer need SR22 coverage is a good idea. They are able to find the regulations surrounding the states SR-22 insurance requirements.

Once confirming you no longer have SR-22 requirements with the state, you should inform your insurance company that you no longer require SR22 insurance. The responsibility with SR-22s falls on you as a customer. Once you notify your insurer you no longer need SR22 insurance they can cancel the SR-22 form and notify the DMV.

Failure to contact your state’s DMV in time may result in a policy lapse and canceling your SR22 insurance certificate early, leaving you with extra penalties such as a driver’s license suspension or vehicle registration suspension. If you cancel your auto insurance or SR-22 insurance, your insurance provider will send in an SR-26 Form to the state notifying them of your lapse in coverage. Don’t forget the basics of SR-22 insurance and leave yourself vulnerable with penalties from the state and your insurance company.

SR-22 vs. FR-44

Certificates of Financial Responsibility vary by state, you could be required to file an FR-44 instead of an SR-22 form. Two states, Florida and Virginia, utilize FR-44s instead of SR22 insurance. An FR-44 is very similar to an SR-22 form, as this document proves that you carry state minimum auto insurance.

Where an SR-22 form differs is when maintaining an FR-44, you will need to increase your liability coverage limits. Carrying only the state minimum coverage will typically not be sufficient when you need an FR-44. This, in turn, will raise your car insurance rates. An FR-44 certificate is required for three years on average, and it also cannot be canceled prior to the expiration date.

SR-22 Insurance Requirements By State

StateSR-22 Requirement?Minimum SR-22 filing period in years
District of ColumbiaYes3
New HampshireYes3
New JerseyNo0
New MexicoNo0
New YorkNo0
North CarolinaNo0
North DakotaYes1
Rhode IslandNo0
South CarolinaYes3
South DakotaYes3
West VirginiaNo0

SR-22 Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of SR-22s?

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There are three choices when purchasing an SR-22 certificate from your insurer, Owner, Operator, and Owner-Operator SR22 insurance.

  • Owner - The Owner’s SR‑22 Form is to insure those who drive and own their vehicle.
  • Operator - An Operator’s SR‑22 Form is for drivers who borrow or rent a vehicle instead of owning one. This may also be paired with non-owner SR-22 insurance and can offer a cheaper option if it’s difficult covering the cost of an SR-22.
  • Operator-Owner - The Operator-Owner’s SR‑22 Form is intended for drivers who both own a car but occasionally, rent or borrow another car. This type of SR22 insurance, usually referred to as a non-owner SR-22 policy, assures you are driving with the legal amount of car insurance no matter what vehicle you are in.

Which car insurance companies offer SR-22 policies?

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Many car insurance companies offer SR-22 car insurance, including Insurance Navy™. Taking time to work with an insurance agent or broker will help you find affordable insurance rates and fulfill your state’s requirements on SR22 insurance. You should make sure you do adequate research if you are in the market for a new car insurance policy, especially if you need to file an SR-22. Fulfilling your state requirements for licensing and filing a SR-22 form is incredibly important for you to get back on the road.

Is an SR-22 a type of Car Insurance Coverage?

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An SR-22 is not an insurance policy. An SR‑22 is simply a certificate of financial responsibility that informs your state you carry the minimum amount of liability car insurance by state requirements.

This SR‑22 form does not provide any coverage following an accident. Your auto policy will protect you and your vehicle against damage in the event of a collision or catastrophe. You also cannot only purchase an SR-22 certificate. SR-22 insurance goes hand-in-hand with your auto insurance policy.

How Can I Find The Cheapest SR‑22 Insurance Near Me?

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The best way to find cheap SR‑22 insurance near you is by shopping around and getting SR-22 insurance quotes. This is crucial when you are getting any insurance policy but especially important for SR‑22s. Having an SR‑22 filing requirement most likely means you have been convicted of a severe traffic violation, and that will be unappealing to insurance companies.

National insurance companies are not eager to provide coverage for someone who needs SR‑22 insurance. You may have better luck getting SR-22 insurance with local companies as they often will cover high-risk drivers, which you will be considered with your SR‑22 requirement. Be sure to get SR‑22 quotes from every insurance company you come across and analyze all the SR‑22 policies available on the market. It sounds exhausting but can greatly help you find the best SR-22 insurance at the best price.

Does SR-22 Insurance Cover Any Car I Drive?

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Yes, your SR‑22 insurance will cover any car you drive so long as you have owner-operator SR‑22 insurance. An owner-operator SR‑22 certificate is a type of SR‑22 form that allows you to drive any vehicle, regardless of who owns it, and still be recognized as an insured driver with a valid SR‑22. SR‑22 insurance comes in a couple of options, with the owner-operator SR‑22 form being just one of three forms. Owner SR‑22 insurance is an SR‑22 form that only allows you to drive vehicles that you own. Non-owner SR‑22 insurance is the cheapest option but is only for people who do not own a vehicle yet they frequently drive, whether it be from renting or borrowing someone else’s car. The type of SR22 insurance you need depends on what your vehicle ownership status is when it comes to whether your SR‑22 will carry over to the vehicles you drive.

It is best to get your SR22 insurance requirements and state insurance laws before purchasing SR‑22 insurance. Filing SR‑22 documents improperly can lead to further legal headaches down the road. It would also be helpful to speak with your insurance agent to figure out which type of SR‑22 insurance you should obtain. Typically, owner-operator SR‑22s will be the most expensive option, while non-owner SR‑22s will be the cheapest.

Do I Need SR-22 to Get My License Back After a DUI?

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You will likely need an SR‑22 to get your license reinstated following a DUI conviction. DUI convictions are one of the most common reasons a driver would need SR‑22 insurance. SR‑22s can be required for various reasons, usually after committing a major traffic violation. This can include things like reckless driving and driving without insurance. State laws and courts will ultimately determine when you will need to carry an SR‑22, but it is pretty much a guarantee that a DUI will be considered severe enough to warrant an SR‑22 requirement.

After you are notified about your car insurance requirements, you will need to contact your auto insurance company for an SR-22 form. They will file your SR‑22 for you with the state. If your insurance company does not offer SR‑22 certificates, you will need to find a provider that does and purchase insurance coverage through them to file the SR‑22 form successfully. Remember that filing an SR‑22 form will not be the only thing required of you following a DUI. There are likely several fees and other legal penalties you will need to handle before the state can consider reinstating your driver’s license. An SR‑22 certificate is often the first step.

What’s The Difference Between Liability Insurance And SR‑22 Insurance?

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It’s hard to compare Liability insurance and SR‑22 insurance as one does not actually provide you with coverage. SR‑22 insurance is a certificate that proves to your state you carry the proper amount of liability insurance coverage to legally be considered a driver. SR‑22 insurance is a document you file through your auto insurance company. Your car insurance company will fill out the proper SR‑22 paperwork and file the SR-22 form with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. Obtaining this SR‑22 certificate does not provide you with insurance coverage. An SR‑22 only informs the state that you have car insurance and can pay for damages should you cause a collision.

An SR‑22 is unlike regular auto insurance, which is an actual policy that gives you a certain amount of coverage to protect you in the event of an accident. There are two types of auto insurance: liability insurance and full coverage. Liability insurance only provides you with the insurance required by the state. Typically, this is strictly liability insurance. Liability insurance doesn’t offer you or your vehicle any coverage. However, full coverage auto insurance does. Full coverage auto insurance expands protection by adding collision and comprehensive coverage on top of liability insurance. There may be other policy add-ons you can utilize to extend coverage even further. By purchasing at least one of the outlined insurance policies, you can get SR‑22 insurance. The insurances are not comparable, but they do relate to one another.

Are SR‑22 Insurance And SR-22 Certificates The Same?

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Yes, the only way SR‑22 insurance and SR‑22 certificates differ are their names. These terms can be used interchangeably when discussing SR‑22 forms. While SR‑22 insurance is a common name to use when discussing SR‑22s, it is not a type of insurance. Referring to it as an SR‑22 certificate is much closer to its actual function. An SR‑22 serves as a certificate of financial responsibility that proves to the state that you are meeting the insurance requirements mandated for all drivers. SR‑22 insurance likely got its name due to the fact that the SR‑22 form can only be filed through your car insurance company, and serves as proof that you are carrying the proper insurance coverage.

Will Insurance Prices Decrease When I Don't Need SR‑22 Insurance?

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Possibly. After you are convicted of a traffic violation and receive SR‑22 requirements, you will be labeled as a high-risk driver by insurance providers. Insurance companies are never excited to provide SR‑22 coverage for high-risk drivers since they pose some threat to themselves and other drivers. To balance the risk of providing you with SR‑22 coverage, insurance companies will increase your premiums. How much your premiums increase will depend on the violation on your record. The worse a violation you have, the more your rates will increase.

However, SR‑22 requirements come with an expiration date. Once you can cancel your SR‑22 insurance, you may see a decrease in your insurance rates. A lot depends on your driving record. While your SR‑22 insurance may expire after a couple of years, your traffic violation may stay on your record for far longer. Your driving record is what insurance companies look most closely at when getting coverage. While no longer having SR‑22 requirements is good, it may not lower your premiums as much as you would like. You will need to be patient and practice good driving habits to lower your insurance premiums.

Can I Get SR‑22 Insurance if I Don’t Own a Car?

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Yes. If you do not own a car but still have an SR‑22 requirement to fulfill, you can purchase non-owner SR‑22 insurance. Non-owner SR-22 insurance, also commonly referred to as an SR‑22 operator’s certificate proves to the state you are meeting its insurance requirements. Every driver needs to obey their state’s insurance requirements per their division of motor vehicles, even if they do not own a car. Not owning a car does not allow you to skimp on non-owner car insurance coverage. By getting non-owner SR‑22 insurance, you prove to your state that despite your lack of vehicle ownership, you still have insurance and can pay for damages if you cause an accident while driving someone else’s car.

Is an SR-22 Tied to my Driver’s License?

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Yes, your SR‑22 certificate will be tied to your driver’s license. An SR‑22 is most commonly required after having your license suspended due to being convicted of a major traffic violation like a DUI. By filing an SR‑22, you will be able to have your driver’s license reinstated. Your SR‑22 follows your driver’s license since it is a major player in keeping it active for the time being. An SR‑22 operates in the same that points can be added or subtracted from your license following a traffic violation. Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV uses your license number to revoke or extend your driving privileges.

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