Business Insurance

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Every business needs reliable coverage in order to properly protect their business. For example, business insurance can protect your business from financial losses that may result from lawsuits against your company. Without a policy such a general liability, business owners put their company and personal assets at risk.

General Liability

This type of liability coverage is known as business liability insurance. It protects against claims from normal business operations. Insured perils include:

  • Property damage: This coverage protects from claims that result from damaging a third party’s property.
  • Physical injury: This is for if a customer gets hurt on company property or as a result of service. Physical injury coverage will pay for medical expenses that result from the event. No matter who is liable.
  • Legal costs: This coverage pays for legal representation. For instance, lawsuits resulting from an insured peril.
  • Personal and advertising injury: If a company gets sued for libel and slander. Personal and advertising injury coverage pays for the damages. However, this is only up to policy limits.

Additionally, if your business uses vehicles then you should consider a commercial auto policy. Combining business insurance and commercial auto insurance gives your business better coverage overall.

* Please review your own policy carefully for details on your insurance coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.