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How to Report a Hit and Run

The moment your car or another car hits each other, even lightly, it means that it’s time to stop and exchange information with the other driver(s). So, if you see a driver speed away after a collision, that is what is known as a hit and run, which is a serious traffic law violation. If the accident damage wasn’t enough, they now have added charges for this violation which is as good a reason as any to just stay at the scene of the collision until it’s resolved. But what if you were hit by another driver and they fled? It’s a matter of knowing how to report a hit and run.

What Exactly is Considered a Hit And Run?

A hit and run can happen while on the road or simply while your car is parked. The damage can be a huge dent or a small scratch. Because of the nature of hit and runs, it makes paying out difficult for your provider due to the fact that the at-fault driver always covers it with their insurance.

I’ve Been a Victim of a Hit And Run, What do I do?

You can take the following steps to help catch that hit and run driver; or at the very least, receive an insurance payout:

  • Contact police - As previously mentioned, hit and runs are a crime, and you should report them to the police, especially if anyone or yourself was injured. You will either be visited by an officer who will file the report at the scene or directed to the police station to elaborate further.
  • Find people who witnessed it - If you were away from your car when it was hit, there’s a chance someone saw what happened before the driver ran. Giving their testimony to the police will help them find the driver.
  • Look at security footage - This can come from parking lot cameras or from a business or an intersection camera. Ideally, the license plate of the offending car is visible so it can be tracked.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

To put it in perspective, the penalty for a hit and run is far greater than driving without insurance. A hit and run can result in jail time while driving uninsured can cause you to temporarily lose your license. The best insurance for hit and runs, especially in a parking lot, is comprehensive coverage which will pay for the damages regardless of fault. Ask your insurance provider about coverages that will help in the event of a hit and run because you never know who you will encounter out there on the road.

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