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How To Keep Birds From Nesting On Your House

So you just moved into your new house and feeling good. But there are eyes on you and your house. You might not be the only one that plans on moving in. Birds don’t bring too much trouble but sometimes they can be an annoyance. And when they build a nest somewhere on your house that qualifies. Here are a few ways to prevent a bird from freeloading and causing future problems.

Install Spikes

I know spikes seem like they could be inhumane. But they are actually the easiest way to prevent a bird from deciding to nest around your house. Steel spikes can be used to deter larger species like pigeons. Plastic spikes can be used for bigger and smaller species of birds. You can glue these to parts of the house where you see birds hanging around or potential spots that can be nested.

Scarecrow Predators/Scare Tactics

Birds are afraid of predators, so having a fake bird somewhere on the house will deter some birds. This way if you feel bad about potentially hurting a bird with spikes. This can drive them away. An owl works best, but you can also buy a hawk as well. Whatever your preference to the animal.
There are also eye balloons that you can hang up as well. Birds perceive visual information by association like most animals. This is the reason these eye balloons can work well. Especially since they are bright colors, it will cause discomfort. This is also a cheaper option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money protecting your house. You do have the home insurance to worry about, the birds don’t.

Electronic Repellers

With electric repellers, they can be hit or miss, depending on circumstances. For example, a motion-activated sprinkler has an area it can cover from birds. But you would need more than just one if you want to cover multiple points. You also have supersonic deterrents that has pre-recorded predator sounds. You can set this to activate on a day or night cycle and it will periodically play the sounds.

A Birdhouse

If you happen to love birds and want them around. Having a birdhouse installed somewhere in your yard is a solution. It will give them a place they can use to settle, without it being at your house. That way you don’t have to worry about them endangering themselves or being in the way.

Birds won’t be the main concern when it comes to protecting your house from animals. Sure, they are nice to look at and have around at times. However, they can become a nuisance if you’re not careful. It’s better to deter them from making a nest around humans and having them go somewhere not in the way. It’s as much for their safety as it is for yours, and the house.

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