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How Long do Car Repairs Take?

When you drop your car off at the auto body shop for some repairs after a collision or accident, it will usually be a couple of days before your return for it. Repair shops rarely get jobs done in a single day and often complete them after two to five days -sometimes up to a week. However, there are some repair jobs that can take longer-like months' worth.

It truly depends on personal and auto shop factors like how long your car insurance takes to approve your damage claim, what appointment you have with the auto shop, severe damage to your car, and the type of car you drive. Luxury and high-end cars can cost more to repair due to their parts. Let’s look at how long certain auto repairs take and what to do if you’re unhappy with them.

General Ideas of How Long Car Repairs Take

As previously mentioned, every job takes a certain amount of time. This is especially the case for auto shops. For a lot of drivers, the waiting begins when they submit their damage claim to their insurers.

Some insurers will get back to their policyholders quickly, while others may take a couple of days. If they decide to cover your damages, then they will send you off to an approved repair shop, where they can estimate how long it will take.

Here are some examples of car damage and the time it takes to repair them:

  • Windshield replacement - 24 hours
  • Minor body dents - 24 to 48 hours
  • Bumper damage - 24 hours
  • Internal parts replacement - Up to two weeks
  • Multiple areas of damage - At least a month

What Can Make Car Repairs Take Longer?

It’s not uncommon to go to the auto shop and find out they aren’t done with the work on your car yet. There are a couple of reasons why the shop needs more time with it. Perhaps one of the mechanics handling your repairs was out for a period of time.

It’s also a possibility that they misquoted you, and your repairs take longer than they initially thought. Always make sure that your insurance company pays the auto shop because they can hold your car until they do.

Whatever may happen while your car is supposed to be repaired can easily be worked out by always checking in with the auto shop and your insurance company. The solution is often an easy fix.

What Can You do if You’re Unsatisfied With Your Repair Times?

The auto shop is your main liaison for when your car is in their shop. However, if you can’t seem to get your questions answered, reach them, or they are vague with how long they have to keep your car, you should reach out to your insurance provider.

They can help move your car to a different service location if you don’t think that the auto shop is reliable. A lot of the waiting time for car repairs is due to waiting for certain parts to be delivered. You can speed this up by finding the parts on back order yourself.

You may get reimbursed by your insurance company for any parts you personally buy. It helps to add a couple more days onto your estimated repair time since they aren’t often correct if there’s a lot of damage. But if there’s one thing that this post should teach you is that car repairs are never an over and done process that takes a day.

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