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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Car Door

Cost to Repair a Car Door

Car door dents and scratches are annoying, but they’re pretty much inevitable. Your car sees a lot when it’s on the road and while parked. Whether a grocery cart hits your door or you end up in a collision, you are going to want your car door back in tip-top shape as fast as possible. But auto repairs can get a bit hectic to deal with, especially when it comes time to pay the mechanic’s bill. For these reasons, it’s best to get an idea of what you can expect following your car door getting damaged. The post below outlines the estimated costs to repair or replace car doors and how car insurance can assist you during these stressful times.

Car Door Replacement vs. Repair

When it comes to car door damage, there are typically two ways you can go about it. You either get it repaired, or you have the auto body shop replace it. The route you choose is entirely dependent on the extent of the damage. If you have some scratches or light dents, a mechanic can easily repair that in their shop. You may be able to repair it yourself if you’re knowledgeable about vehicles. However, if your door sustains extensive damage, especially to the point of you not being able to open it, you will want to replace it. Keep in mind that car door replacements may be a bit more expensive than simple repairs. Consult with your auto repair shop to see what care your door’s damages call for.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Your Car Door?

How much it costs to repair your car door varies. It’s hard to give an exact number. There are a couple of different types of damages your car door may see, each of with come with their own price points. Outlined below are two common types of car door repairs and estimations for how much they will cost you.

Cost of Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a modern, affordable alternative to traditional dent repair methods. With PDR, mechanics use special tools that work to pop the dent out, giving the door its shape again. The process is pretty quick and doesn’t make your wallet cry. Small knicks and dings can cost around $50 to $125. For larger dents that are able to be repaired using the PDR method, it’ll cost you somewhere from $150 to $450.

Cost of Car Paint Repair

Major dents, especially those that disturb your car’s paint job, will cost you a little bit more to fix. Getting a precise price range can be a little tough due to the fact that the cost depends on specific factors like the type of paint and the severity of the damage. The door will typically need to be sanded down, painted, and then set to dry in order to fix extensive repairs. Basic repair jobs can cost you anywhere from $300 to $900, while more serious repairs may have a price tag of $2,000 or more.

Factors That Affect Car Door Repair Costs

How much your car repair bill will be following getting your car door fixed depends on a variety of factors. Outlined below are some of the variables that auto body shops take into consideration when determining how much your car door will cost to repair.

Size of Dent

The bigger the dent, the more it will cost to repair it -pretty straightforward. If it’s severe enough, it can also lead to you having to replace the door entirely. Smaller dents and scratches take less labor to correct, while extensive damage could call for ordering special parts and paints, not to mention the manpower and skill the repair may also require. If you’re looking at a dent and wondering how much it’ll cost to repair, know that if it’s more than a couple of inches in size, it will probably cost you quite a bit.

Location of Dents

If you have ever taken time to just look at your car door, you would have noticed that it’s slightly curved in some areas. The majority of it is flat, but depending on the type of vehicle you have, it has a pretty prominent curve to it. Fixing dents in curved areas will be a bit more costly than repairing dents on flat panels. It’s not impossible, but it’s a complex process for repair shops.

Number of Dents

It should probably come as no surprise that the more dents your car door has, the higher the repair bill will be. It naturally takes the repair shop more time and manpower to get your car back in shape when you have multiple dents. For example, if there is hail in your area, that can lead to dozens of dents not just on the car door but everywhere. Each one of those dents can come with its own price tag, with the average repair being thousands of dollars. If your car has damage from more than just a tap, expect the repair bill to be a hefty one.

Type of Car

Simply put, some vehicles are cheaper to repair than others. This is especially the case when it comes to fixing the paint on car doors that have been damaged. There are many different types of exterior paints that manufacturers use, and you want the one that matches yours exactly. Luxury cars also tend to be more expensive to fix than the more affordable, everyday brands. Fancy, high-performance vehicles may not be the best economical option when it comes to getting them repaired.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Car Door?

Getting an exact price point when determining how much it will cost to replace your car door is tricky. Like repairing your car door, there are a variety of factors that go into determining the price. A big one will be what type of car you have. Simply put, the more luxurious your car is, the more expensive it will be to replace the doors and other parts. This logic is the same for pretty much any type of repair you need on your car.

The car door shell itself can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1,500. That’s even before you factor in the cost of labor and price for interior door parts. The lowest you could possibly pay to have your car door replaced is around $500. If you have a higher-end or complex vehicle, you could be looking more in the range of $2,500 to replace the door. Remember, replacing your car door will always be more expensive than repairing it, so consult with a mechanic before deciding anything. Sometimes it will be more cost-effective to replace the entire door rather than going through the repairs.

How Car Insurance Can Help Cover Costs

So long as you have full coverage car insurance, your insurer will typically cover the cost to get your car door repaired or replaced. Full coverage car insurance is comprised of liability insurance, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Collision and comprehensive insurance are what will cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle. If your car door was damaged in an accident, collision coverage would pay for repairs no matter who was at fault. Regarding comprehensive coverage, it covers repairs following a non-collision-related incident like damage from extreme weather or theft.

But it’s important that you analyze your insurance policy before jumping to make a claim. Collision and comprehensive insurance have a deductible attached to them. Deductibles are how much you promise to pay before your car insurance covers repairs. If you have a minor scrape that costs $300 to fix, but your deductible is $500, you would be better off paying out of pocket to repair your car door. Not to mention this also keeps your car insurance premiums from increasing. However, if the damage is more severe and costs more around $2,000, you should file an insurance claim. Your car insurance provider will pick up the remaining $1,500. Car insurance policies can help a lot when it comes to fixing your car door, but you want to make sure you are making the most financially-wise decision.

Can You Fix a Car Door Yourself?

In short, it depends on what kind of damage you are looking at. If you have minor, almost surface-level dents, you may be able to fix them yourself. There are a number of video tutorials out there that can guide you through the process pretty swiftly. However, if the damage is extensive and you decide you would benefit more from a car door replacement, it is highly recommended that you take it to an auto body repair shop. It can be difficult to determine where parts of the car door connect, especially when making sure all electrical components are hooked up properly. If you are using your car insurance to pay for a car door replacement, you most definitely want to take it to a repair shop. That is the best way to guarantee that all necessary payouts will be made and that the work is done properly. It’s always best to get an initial assessment done by a professional before diving into any do-it-yourself projects.

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