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Who is Flo in The Progressive Insurance Ads?

The most successful insurance companies are known for their advertising campaigns. With something as mundane as insurance, one of the sure ways to hook people on it is through entertainment.

At the forefront of insurance ads like the Geico Gecko and State Farm’s Jake is Progressive Insurance’s Flo, played by Stephanie Courtney since 2007. Whether you like or feel indifferent about her, odds are you heard of Progressive Insurance and their services through Flo.

This shows that you don’t always need a colorful cartoon character that looks unique to draw in customers, but a charming and wholesome cashier portrayed by a real person.

How Did Stephanie Courtney Become Flo?

Stephanie Courtney was chosen for Flo due to her background in comedy, particularly improv. She has been acting since the first grade in her hometown of Stony Point, New York. Before moving to Los Angeles, Courtney performed at the Neighborhood Playhouse in the city. She found the improv theater The Groundlings, where she met her husband and found an agent of six months of stand-up.

She appeared in movies and tv shows like ER, Everybody Love Raymond, and The Heartbreak Kid. Her track record shows over 60 appearances. And, that isn’t including her appearances as Flo, which has been ongoing since 2007 when she was 37. Her agent was able to wrestle her an audition with Progressive when they were looking for a new spokesperson.

Flo in The Progressive Insurance Commercials

Only the best commercials seem to get an ongoing series; Courtney showed Progressive that she had what it takes to make their company a household name. So they created more contracts for her as the years went on. In every ad, Flo’s wholesome and bubbly personality is complimented by Progressive being presented as a bright white store area like an Apple store.

The main theme of the commercials has always been making light of insurance shopping –both in the comedic and literal sense. Progressive has several insurance products – auto, boat, motorcycle, homeowners’, commercial, and even snowmobile coverage. With that many products, there are several creative ways to market them, and Flo does it in her own unique way.

In fact, Progressive will often let Courtney do improv in addition to the scripts they write for her, so there is some personality to the ads and not just a corporate campaign.

What Makes Flo so Successful For Progressive?

It could be Flo’s mom humor or ability to play both the straight character and the eccentric –sometimes even at the same time. Another appeal is that Flo just looks good. The two hours of hair makeup that Courtney has to go through before shooting created a look that sees both Halloween costumes and lookalike contests.

Even those that don’t like Flo still understand the ad’s message and the product it’s selling because she is still a good spokesperson. Intelligence is another big draw, with her being an expert in insurance while being humorous about it.

Though a criticism is that she comes across as dumb and ditzy, how many ditzy do you know who understand insurance to the letter?

Is Progressive Insurance a Good Insurance Company?

Progressive has been in the insurance business since 1937. They are one of the major national insurance providers among the ranks of Geico, Allstate, and State Farm, with high ratings. As you have read, they have several insurance coverages available. In fact, they are even rolling out Segway insurance.

Progressive has received praise for their claim services and payouts, along with their cheaper full coverage premiums. For some policyholders, seeing Flo on a sign or banner at the insurance offices is reassuring. Because of Flo and insurance services like this, Progressive Insurance has a spot in every insurance shoppers quote list.

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