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Does Car Insurance Cover Test Drives?

Does Car Insurance Cover Test Drives?

It’s a valid question. If you’re shopping for a new car and want to do a test drive; you may wonder if any damage that may occur is covered by your existing auto insurance policy. In order to answer this question, let’s think about auto insurance and non-owner vehicles.

Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover Cars You Don’t Own

That’s pretty self-explanatory -if you don’t own the car, then it won’t be covered by your auto insurance. This is the case for a majority of insurers. Since you’re only testing, the test car isn’t yours. Because of this, it will typically not be covered by your insurance. This means that the owner of the car, be it a dealer or private seller, has insurance that will cover the car since it’s still theirs. You don’t want to push how far their insurance will go because too much damage done to their car can result in you being on the line for repairs.

Privately-Sold Cars And Their Test Drive Insurance

When someone is selling their car, they are required to have it insured until it is sold. This would mean that any damage following a test drive should be covered by their policy. That’s why it helps to ask the seller about their insurance before giving them any business.

Waivers For Test Drives

Before test-driving a car at a dealership, the dealer may have you sign a release or waiver form accepting the liability in the event of damages. It guarantees that you will cover all the repairs. You may be able to cover them either out of pocket or with help from your own insurance provider.

Above All, be Safe And Weary When Test Driving a Car

Let’s not forget that you are in charge of someone else’s property when test driving. Accidents and damage are entirely avoidable by being a cautious driver. Don’t do rolling stops at stop signs or speed up during a yellow light, for example. In the end, how you approach it is all dependent on you.

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