Telemedicine: Changing The Health Care Industry

Now that we’re in the winter season, people are more likely to become sick. And with it being so cold already, many people may put off seeing a doctor or physician. Then, because they put off seeking medical opinions, their symptoms or ailments may get worse. This is all too true for so many people, but instead of weather keeping them from a doctor, it could be a lack of time or the costs associated.  Luckily, telemedicine is opening up new options for people by changing the way we think about health care. Through telemedicine services, people can schedule virtual appointments with doctors all from the convenience and comfort of home. The aim of this post is to educate people on telemedicine and to discuss it’s value.

No Time? Not Anymore

As mentioned before one of the reasons people put off seeing a doctor comes from a lack of time to do so. This is especially true for parents with small children, those who work long hours, or those who have difficulty leaving home. Some people get home and just want to stay in, and with telemedicine, you can do just that. Telemedicine allows users to get their health care via video call, which means you can do it from the comfort of home. Additionally, instead of having to take a day off work, or wait until after work hours, you can schedule a virtual appointment at any time of day. 

Let’s Talk Cost

Another reason people typically put off seeing a doctor is the cost associated with prescription drugs and the appointment itself. Unfortunately, putting off seeking medical attention makes the scary cost even scarier. On top of that, symptoms left unchecked tend to get worse before they get better. People also believe their health insurance may not cover the costs, leaving them to put off medical attention. Well, here is where telemedicine can help because, with a service such as CareClix, it only costs you a $25 dollar co-pay. CareClix’s low-cost help subscribers save money for other important coverages.

How An Appointment Works

So at this point, the services may have persuaded you to obtain a telemedicine service but have questions on what an appointment looks like. Just like in a regular appointment, a nurse will run you through some questions about your symptoms. If needed, you will see a physician who can diagnose your symptoms and prescribe drugs for you. The only real change is that you aren’t stuck in a waiting room for hours. Additionally, since you have the option of staying home for the appointment, you will be more likely to feel comfortable.

What It’s for, What It’s not for

Before signing up and making an appointment, be aware that this service does not cover all medical ailments. Telemedicine services like CareClix cover small ailments including allergies, flu/cold, bronchitis, sinus infections and more. This means immediate medical emergencies such as serious cuts or broken bones need emergency services. In addition to that, telemedicine is not a replacement for health care or health insurance, but a convenience instead. So do not cancel your health insurance when signing up for telemedicine, but treat it as an add-on. Outside of common ailments, services like Careclix offer you the chance to see a certified nutritionist as well. On top of that services, mental health services are available as well, which get you linked up with a certified psychiatrist.

Key Points About Telemedicine

  • It’s perfect for those who can not make time for appointments
  • The cost is minimal, in some cases just a $25 co-pay
  • Appointments run the same as if you were in a doctor’s office, except for the waiting room
  • Telemedicine services are for small/common ailments such as cold/flu or sinus infections
  • Telemedicine is not health insurance but an alternate form of health care for small ailments