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Speed Up A Car Insurance Claim

Speed Up A Car Insurance Claim

Unfortunately, the insurance claim process is never a quick one, It is known to take weeks and even sometimes months. This can be the case for drivers involved in an accident and awaiting payout from their auto insurance providers to cover repairs and injuries. No one wants to be stuck waiting for a payout for a long time. In fact, some may not be able to have their car fixed, or injuries cared for without help from their insurance provider. The good news is that there are ways that you can help speed up your insurance claim process. If you’ve been in an accident and can’t pay for the damages without the help of your insurance, here are some tips and tricks for a quicker claim resolution.

Document Intensively

The first part of filing a claim is always documenting the damage. This begins right after the accident directly on the scene.

A claim can be processed faster if you get the following:

  • Photo documentation of the damage - It helps to take more pictures than few when documenting the damage. It also helps to have location indicators in the background, like a street sign.
  • Contact information - This includes the names, numbers, and addresses of your passengers, if any, the other driver, and their passengers, if any. You should also get information from any witnesses.
  • Accident location - As previously mentioned, you want to make the location of the accident as clear as possible. Take photos or mark it on a digital map so you can always access them.
  • Insurance information - After a collision, every driver should have each other’s insurance information. Every driver carries around a card or form from their insurer with their insurance policy number and contact information. You should have the other drivers,’ and they should have yours before filing a claim.

Take as Many Pictures as You Can

The importance of taking pictures of an accident needs to be stressed. The more you take, the more your insurance company or the other driver’s insurer will have to go by with your claim. Again, this photo documentation should include the cars involved, the damages, and any photocopies of a driver’s insurance information. It helps to document the location of the accident itself with traffic signs or markers in the snapshots.

Cooperate with The Insurance Adjuster

Always and consistently communicate with your insurance adjuster and do everything you can to follow his or her instructions. If they demand information about your finances, request that you bring the vehicle to a recommended collision center, or need photographs of the damage, it is in your best interests to always get back to them as soon as possible.

When you buy your auto insurance, be sure to ask about the claim process. Learn if there’s a certain way that the business handles insurance claims and what you should remember to ensure that the process is as quick as possible. When needed, you’ll have peace of mind if anything goes wrong. If you have the aforementioned information, you’ll be on your way to resuming your regular routine.

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