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Someone Hit My Car and Wants to Pay Cash to Fix it

Someone Hit My Car and Wants to Pay Cash to Fix it

It’s outside of the normal post-collision procedure for the driver at fault to offer you, or other drivers involved cash as opposed to exchanging insurance information. This can either be because they don’t want their insurance company to get involved, or they want the damages resolved as quickly as possible. While taking the hundred dollars they offer in cash may be tempting, it’s actually a really bad call. This post covers why you should refuse the wad.

Unknown Injuries

Some people in car accidents don’t notice or experience symptoms of injuries until well after the accident. From there, that injury in itself will take months to fully heal and you have to pay for medical services.

Repair Costs Can Be Higher

Odds are a driver won’t give you more than a thousand dollars in cash. Unfortunately, auto repairs after an accident can get pricey, depending on the severity. You’d be on the line for any remaining costs the money you accepted didn’t cover.

No Temporary Car Coverage

If your car was damaged to the extent it has to stay in the shop for a period of time, then you’ll want a temporary rental until it’s fixed. Normally auto insurance covers this, so it’s all the more reason to not accept money and report it to your insurer.

You Don’t Know Everything About Them

There is a possible scam wherein the driver gives you money to not report anything then reports it themselves in order to receive an unjust payout. When you exchange insurance, you have their information and know more about them.

In Conclusion, Don’t do it.

Take precautions such as never accepting money at the scene of an accident in order to avoid being a victim. If the other person refuses to give his or her details, call the cops and inform your insurance provider as soon as possible. Although it may impact your auto insurance premiums, it will ultimately save you a lot of money.

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