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24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance & Towing Service

24 Hour Emergency Road Service with Peace of Mind

You trust your car to get you to and from places, whether that may be work or school, but what happens during emergencies? Are you able to get your car back up and running without roadside assistance? Most likely not.

You’re probably going to need a helping hand, and that’s where emergency roadside assistance services come into play. Emergency Roadside Assistance provides you with a variety of services in the event your car has a mechanical or technical problem on the road.

Emergency Roadside & Towing Service Customized for You

Roadside assistance services can be added when you either purchase a new auto insurance policy or renew your existing one. Emergency Roadside Assistance service falls under auto insurance policy add-ons and will be listed alongside other types of coverage like comprehensive car insurance or collision car insurance coverage.

If you have decided emergency road service coverage would be beneficial for you, you can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy. From there, you’ll always have assistance ready to help you with any vehicle emergencies that may arise while you’re on the road. It is also worth noting that roadside assistance services extend to anyone you list as a driver on your auto insurance plan.

If your family member is behind the wheel when your vehicle experiences technical difficulties and needs assistance, they can utilize the roadside assistance coverage purchased on your auto insurance policy if they have your roadside id card with them.

What is Roadside Assistance?

A Roadside assistance plan is an auto insurance policy add-on that provides drivers with a variety of types of assistance services when their vehicle is experiencing issues while driving.

Having a roadside vehicle breakdown can easily feel like the end of the world, but by obtaining roadside assistance coverage, your crises can get resolved quickly, anytime, anywhere. It can help you in planning a number of circumstances.

Coverage provided by your roadside services includes assistance like lost keys or needing a spare tire. It offers you some peace of mind while behind the wheel of your car. More information on the benefits roadside service can offer you is explored below.

What Do Roadside Assistance Services Include?

A Roadside assistance plan is there to cover you after a number of vehicle problems and mandatory repairs. The full extent of the coverage of an emergency road service plan can vary from company to company.

Listed below are some common assistance services it provides for emergencies.

Towing - Towing Service - Vehicle Towing

If your car is experiencing mechanical issues, like those with your engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, or air conditioning, and needs extra service from an auto repair shop, roadside services will help tow your vehicle to a destination of your choice. You can often predict these mechanical issues happening by hearing noises or feeling a strange vibration the car is making.

If your car is stuck in a ditch, mud or is stuck in the snow, roadside assistance will also send a tow truck to tow your car. This will offer labor coverage to cover any mechanic or other service providers you see fit to fix your vehicle after a tow.

Fluid Delivery - Out of Gas-Fuel

No matter how hard you try planning on keeping your tank filled up, sometimes your car runs out of fuel, and the next thing you know, you’re stranded. Roadside assistance services delivers car fluids like gasoline and oil. Delivery assistance coverage is included in your plan; you just cover the cost of the supplies needing replacement.

Locked Out Service - Locksmith

Roadside assistance can be there to help you get back in your vehicle if something happens to your keys. Whether they get lost, broken, or locked away, roadside service coverage will have the tools to get you back on the road.

Dead Battery - Jump Start - Battery Replacement

Car batteries dying isn’t uncommon, but a dead battery sure is inconvenient. Jump starting a car can be tricky. If you can’t find somebody to help jump start it, you’ll need a trusted expert for assistance to jump your car.

When a dead car battery is preventing you from getting back on the road, roadside assistance services are there to assist and help jump start your dead battery.

Tire Change - Flat Tire

Flat tires or low tire pressure are another common yet annoying occurrence when you are driving. Sometimes uneven wear in the tires can cause a blowout of the tire’s sidewall.

This is why it’s important to get tire rotation and wheel alignment on a regular basis from your mechanic. Your tires extended warranty may even cover these routine services.

Roadside assistance coverage will change the tire and be there to get your car back up and running as soon as possible.

Mechanical Problems - Minor Auto Repairs

Your vehicle is a complex thing. With car advancements in this day and age, there’s a chance for a number of things to go wrong with it internally.

That is why its important to have a vehicle inspection on a regular basis from a certified mechanic who uses vehicle diagnostics equipment. For when those unforeseen emergencies happen, Emergency Road services can help with troubleshooting and fixing the problem.

A roadside service plan may also feature other help like rental car reimbursement coverage and discounts, allowing you to get an affordable auto rental when your car is held up at the shop.

If you end up lost while driving, roadside assistance may also be able to provide you with maps and travel routes for free if you don’t have a working smartphone or GPS system.

Roadside service can be a vital tool for assistance planning a variety of problems you can encounter no matter how far away you are at any mile in your drive.

How Does Roadside Assistance Work?

Once you purchase a roadside assistance plan, the subscription will be included on your auto insurance policy and factored into your rates. After your car insurance policy is activated and ready to go, you can begin utilizing roadside service coverage whenever you need help. There will be a phone number you call provided by your car insurance company for any assistance needed.

Roadside services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from virtually anywhere across the United States. It’s available nationwide and even stretching into Canada. After alerting the car insurance provider via their toll-free phone number on your cell phone of your issue and location, an automotive technician will be dispatched to give you assistance. You’ll be back up and driving in no time.

Keep in mind that some car insurance companies limit how many times per year you can use roadside service. Be sure to ask about coverage terms before purchasing this car insurance policy add-on. You want to make sure it will actually be beneficial for you when you need assistance.

Roadside Service Plan Fees and Cost

The cost of roadside services may vary depending on your auto insurance plan. A Roadside assistance plan can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per year, but how much money you pay annually may easily be greater or below those averages.

Like any other type of car insurance coverage, annual rates for roadside assistance are decided upon by a variety of factors. A customer’s location and car type are just some of the things that car insurance companies take into consideration when planning the cost of roadside service coverage. Whether you have your auto insurance bundled with homeowners or renters insurance could also lower your coverage rates.

This car insurance addon is a very affordable type of assistance coverage when compared to the individual prices for car services. Make sure to ask your agent about any possible discounts available for this vehicle insurance addon. Some discounts include Multi-policy and Safe driver discounts.

For example, the national average cost for towing a vehicle is around $95. Your roadside assistance plan will practically pay for itself. Buy Online or through our Mobile App.

Roadside Assistance FAQ

If I already paid for a recent tow, can I be reimbursed?

If you have paid for a recent tow, you may be able to be reimbursed the money it cost by your roadside assistance coverage plan. Contact your insurance agent to see what options are available for you. You may need to provide information regarding your vehicle, your insurance policy, and the extent of the services provided.

How far will roadside assistance tow my vehicle?

Insurance providers typically have a limit for how far roadside assistance will tow a vehicle. On average, roadside assistance will tow your vehicle to a repair shop within a 15-20 mile radius of your accident, but this can vary.

How long will it take for roadside assistance to reach me?

How long it will take for roadside assistance to reach you varies depending on where you are. Services may reach you faster if you are in an urban area than compared to being in a rural area. Please be patient and know that roadside assistance is on its way.

Should I add emergency assistance to my policy if my car is new?

Yes. While newer cars tend to have fewer mechanical problems than older cars, they are not completely immune to breaking down. In order to be prepared for whatever the road throws at you, we recommend adding roadside assistance to your insurance policy regardless of your vehicle’s age.

Is this service through Insurance Navy?

Insurance Navy works with a variety of service providers to offer emergency roadside assistance.

Can I use my roadside assistance for other vehicles that are not mine?

No. Roadside assistance is only available for the vehicle that is listed on your car insurance policy.

Is there a limit to how many times I can request emergency fuel delivery?

There is likely a limit on the number of times you can use your roadside assistance per year, along with how many times you can request fuel delivery. Some roadside assistance providers limit fuel delivery services to two no-charge occurrences per year. Contact an insurance agent to see what the rules and regulations are for your roadside assistance plan.

Can I use roadside assistance if I am in an accident?

Yes. Roadside assistance can help you and your vehicle following an accident. Roadside assistance may help you with things like fuel delivery and towing services after a collision.

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