Rideshare Insurance

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If you are thinking about driving for Uber or Lyft, or you already do, it is crucial that you inform your car insurance provider. A standard car insurance policy does not cover rideshare drivers. In fact, there are serious consequences for not disclosing this information including your insurance company canceling your policy for material misrepresentation.

Why Rideshare Insurance Is Important

Uber and Lyft provide commercial insurance for their drivers, however it is only active when drivers are with a passenger. This means the driver is left uninsured when they are not taking a passenger to their destination. Below you can see a breakdown of the periods of coverage for rideshare drivers.

Period 1:

Period 1 begins when the rideshare app is on and the driver is actively looking for customers. During this time, rideshare insurance and standard car insurance do not insure the driver. At this point, the rideshare driver is completely uninsured.

Period 2:

Period 2 starts when a driver has accepted a ride and is paired with the passenger. Once they have accepted a passenger and are en route, they are insured under their rideshare company’s insurance.

Period 3:

Period 3 starts when the customer is picked up and lasts until the customer gets out of the car. During this period the driver is covered under their company’s insurance.

Get Rideshare Insurance

A complete rideshare policy will help you avoid a gap in coverage, and it covers you during all three periods of coverage. Rideshare insurance covers you during all three periods. From waiting for a passenger to dropping them off at their destination.

* Please review your own policy carefully for details on rideshare insurance. Rideshare insurance coverage varies by contract.