Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance provides personal property coverage for your personal belongings if stolen or damaged. This includes liability coverage, loss of use, and medical payments caused by perils listed on your policy.

Some renters wrongly assume that their landlord’s property insurance protects their belongings. However, anything inside a rented apartment or house is not covered by the landlord’s policy.

Renters insurance protects your valuables such as electronics that can take thousands of dollars to replace. A renter’s policy also covers your if someone is injured in your rented space and tries to sue you.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average renter’s insurance costs $180 a year, which breaks down to about $15 a month.

List Of Common Perils Include:

List Of Common Perils Include:


Fire and Smoke





Theft and Vandalism

Falling Objects

Weight of Snow, Sleet, or Ice

Water Damage, excluding Floods

* Please review your own policy for details on renters insurance. Renters coverages vary by state, the insurance company, and policy.