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Mexico Car Insurance Quotes

Having a car while staying in Mexico is an intimate and efficient way to travel the countryside. Mexico’s driving and traffic laws aren’t too different from the United States and Canada, and a driver’s license from either of the two is recognized in Mexico, so it’s highly doable, especially for those in the states close to the border.

More good news is that when it comes to auto insurance, Mexico also functions similarly to the states. But unlike driver’s licenses, typical auto insurance coverage doesn’t carry over completely when in Mexico. Just as the United States does, Mexico has laws regarding auto insurance and its requirements.

One of these laws states that all auto insurance should be purchased from licensed providers in Mexico. This is especially the case for liability insurance which pays for the injuries of other drivers in an accident you cause. But there’s no need to worry. Since the tourist trade is one of Mexico’s biggest industries, brokers and providers are prepared to handle temporary car insurance for anyone visiting the country.

There are even ways your insurance provider back home can help you out if you need to file a claim. If you’re planning on visiting Mexico, read his handy guide to car insurance along with the brochure your travel agent sent you.

What do You Need to Drive in Mexico?

Before talking about insurance, you first need to make sure you’re able to legally drive in Mexico if you’ve brought your own car.

Bring the following with you when you drive to Mexico:

  • Vehicle title and/or registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Leasing papers if the car is under a leasing agreement
  • United States liability insurance from your hometown

The legal intention of car insurance is an international practice. Many countries, United States and Mexico included, have legislation in effect which requires drivers to carry liability car insurance or what is often referred to as basic insurance.

This insurance policy will cover the following damages:

  • Injury per person - Covering medical costs is the cornerstone of car insurance. This would apply to the medical and injury expenses for another driver in an accident you caused.
  • Injury per accident - This coverage limit accounts for the total medical costs of every person injured in a crash. This coverage amount would be the largest out of the three.
  • Property damage - Thirdly comes the repair costs of the car and property that were damaged in the accident. While repair costs may not be a priority in Mexico, their auto insurance does provide a degree of protection.

In addition to basic coverage with a liability policy, drivers can also opt for full car insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage. In short, both provide coverage for your own auto repairs after an accident you cause.

What is Mexico Car Insurance?

Specifically, Mexico law states that auto liability insurance, specifically, must be bought from a licensed and certified insurer in the country. That being said, it is possible for some insurance companies based in the United States or Canada to have their damage insurance carry over in Mexico. Even so, you’ll still need to have Mexico car insurance for liability reasons. At the same time, you’ll want to maintain your liability registration in the United States in order to keep your car legal.

What Does Car Insurance in Mexico Cover?

Car insurance in Mexico covers almost everything that your plan back home would. The exact amounts or coverage limit varies based on policy.

Coverage includes:

  • Vehicle damage and theft - Repair costs and replacement after theft have are covered based on United States labor rates. Damage factors like fire, weather, or falling objects are covered.
  • Another driver’s bodily injury and property damage - Naturally, if you’re found to be at fault for an accident, your insurance will cover injury and repair expenses.
  • Your own medical payments - Not just your own medical expenses, but also your passengers’ will be covered.
  • Legal expenses - Court appearances for major accidents are common, and your policy would cover any legal representation fees.
  • Payments on a car’s lease - If your leased car is totaled or severely damaged in an accident, then your Mexico policy can provide a payout that is based on how much is left on the lease.
  • Roadside assistance fees - Services such as towing, tire change, or jumpstart are all provided by your policy in Mexico.
  • Emergency medical transport - Transportation by ambulance to a hospital is covered.

Is This Type Auto Insurance Only Applicable For Visits to Mexico?

For the sake of this post, we are only discussing the type of insurance people with license plates from the United States or Canada carry in Mexico. Citizens of Mexico naturally carry their own. Because of this, it’s often called “Mexico tourist insurance.”

To help understand the difference here’s when Mexico insurance for visitors will not work:

  • Rentals in Mexico
  • Vehicle is used for business
  • Cars with Mexico license plates
  • Don’t have a valid United States or Canada driver’s license

How is Auto Insurance Bought in Mexico?

There are two ways you can obtain car insurance while visiting Mexico. You can either find a reliable insurance company based in Mexico or through a broker from the United States or Canada which works directly with an insurance provider in Mexico. Even though the policy was bought from a broker, all claims should be referred to the provider. Both the broker and the insurance company must be in good financial standing and have an outstanding reputation. More shopping tips to come in the section below, but keep in mind that the provider is more important than the broker.

How do You Find a Good Insurance Broker?

The best insurance brokers for coverage while visiting Mexico are licensed and have an infrastructure with the Mexican insurance company they do business with.

Brokers you should lean towards have:

  • Recognition for their customer service
  • Ownership or interest with an insurance company in Mexico
  • Familiarity with the financial status of the Mexican insurance provider
  • An AM Best rating of an A with good or excellent risk.

How do You Find Good Mexican Auto Coverage Companies?

Like how the United States has several national insurance names (Allstate, Statefarm, etc.), so does Mexico. Some of the top insurers from the States are also represented quite well in Mexico. The quality of the company you choose will directly tie into the quality of your auto policy and how well the claim gets handled.

In order to find the best insurance provider and policy in Mexico, you should be aware of:

  • Financially secure providers - Low premiums are something to be on the lookout for because they can suggest a high-risk insurance company. Mexico’s economy is also different from the United States, so it helps to understand where they stand within it.
  • Licensed broker with infrastructure - While you don’t contact the broker for a claim, they still should be aware of your driving situation while in Mexico and be ready for anything that could happen. The best insurance companies work with brokers that have customer service facilities and technology to keep in touch.
  • Provides liability, legal counsel, and bail-bond coverage - In addition to the liability auto coverage, good Mexico travel insurance will provide coverage for legal counsel and bail-bond. This is because, even if there are no fatalities, a driver will be arrested in Mexico for causing a serious accident.
  • Support services - As previously mentioned before, an insurance company and broker should have localized customer service wherever you are vacationing in Mexico. English-speaking customer support is a big plus for a lot of travelers.

How is a Claim Filed in Mexico?

You should never wait until you get home to file an insurance claim for an accident you got into while in Mexico. Your tourist insurance policy has directions for doing so, but we’ll touch upon it all in this section.

In order to file an insurance claim while in Mexico, you should follow these steps:

  • Contact the insurance company - Right after the accident, contact the insurance provider’s Help Line -every insurance company in Mexico has one where they take requests for incoming claims.
  • Make arrangements if the accident is serious - During the call, the insurance company will send an assessor to the scene to look at the damages. If it’s a serious accident and you may be detained, legal service arrangements may be made through the insurer.
  • Produce relevant documentation - This includes the police report and proof of insurance for the claims process to go smoothly. From there, the claim is accepted.
  • Payout of pocket then receive reimbursement at home - You may have to pay upfront for any repairs to your car. Not to worry, you will receive an insurance payout for them after you return home. This will be the case if you need immediate repairs.

Can You Get Mexico Auto Insurance For Other Vehicles?

The answer is yes. If you are heading down to Mexico in an RV or even by motorcycle, then you can insure them with Mexico tourist auto insurance as long as you carry standard auto insurance from home and have valid license plates. Rates may be more expensive, but it is necessary should you get into an accident with these high-risk vehicles.