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Car Insurance for Mexico Tourists and Travelers

Driving to Mexico is a fairly common occurrence for thousands of Americans every year. If you’re one of the drivers joining the pack this year, have you looked at your current auto insurance policy?

Will it cover you while you are driving in Mexico?

In short, no. Entering Mexico with your personal vehicle or a rental car without Car Insurance for Mexico can land you in some serious trouble if you find yourself in an accident.

That’s why when you’re traveling over the border, make sure you are protected and have all the facts about carrying the right car insurance.

What is Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance?

Mexico car insurance is an auto policy separate from your U.S. auto policy that helps cover you when you take road trips into Mexico.

Like U.S. auto insurance policies, it covers medical expenses and car repair bills if you are involved in an accident while in Mexico.

According to Mexico’s driving laws, every party in a collision must provide proof of insurance and must have such coverage from a Mexican provider.

Several insurance companies work with Mexican insurance companies in order to offer U.S. drivers coverage over the border. There are also providers that specialize in such coverage.

U.S. car insurance policies are not valid when driving in Mexico, meaning this kind of policy is a necessity when planning a road trip out of the country.


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How Does Mexican Car Insurance Work?

Mexico car insurance policies are customized to your trip, meaning they begin when you arrive and end when you leave.

Whether you plan to be in Mexico for a few days or a few months, your policy is tailored to the length of your stay, generally up to one year. You pay a premium when you purchase your policy, and coverage begins the day you select.

It can even be enacted immediately should you need it. Note that these premiums you pay are separate from your domestic auto insurance policy.

There may be some limitations to what kind of coverage you can purchase. In order to get certain coverages, you likely will need to already have that coverage on your U.S. car insurance policy.

For example, if you want comprehensive coverage while driving in Mexico, you should have comprehensive coverage on your U.S. auto policy. Once you have coverages settled and your policy is valid, you will be given a number to call in the event of a collision.

If an incident occurs in Mexico, give the number a call, and the provider will send an adjuster to assist you and make a note of the damage.

You will also need to file a police report in order to have your claim processed. These requirements are not unlike what is expected of you when driving in America.


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What Does Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance Cover?

A Mexico car insurance policy can offer you some very valuable protection. Liability insurance is always a must, especially when driving in Mexico, but there are other add-ons available to expand your coverage.

Listed below are the types of protection Mexico car insurance offers.

Liability Car Insurance in Mexico

Liability insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage that you cause in an accident. For Mexico auto insurance, you can typically buy up to $500,000 in coverage. While that seems to be a lot, Mexico has some specific rules when it comes to liability coverage.

Physical Damage Car Insurance Coverage

This type of coverage will help pay for repairs or replacement of your vehicle should it be damaged in an accident. It will also provide protection against non-collision-related incidents like theft, fire, or extreme weather.

Medical Payments Insurance

This covers medical expenses for you and your passenger(s) should you be injured in a collision. It typically pays out no matter who was found to be at fault.

Roadside Assistance

If you experience mechanical issues with your vehicle while on the road, you can call for roadside assistance. Roadside assistance will either help get your car back in running order or tow you to a local repair shop.

Medical Evacuation

If you are injured in a collision, medical evacuation coverage can help pay for the cost of emergency transportation to a hospital.

This type of coverage helps you with legal expenses following an accident in Mexico. It will cover things like legal representation fees and court expenses.

Keep coverage limits in mind when purchasing Mexico car insurance. Coverage limits are the maximum amount your insurer will payout in the event of a collision. You want to make sure they are enough to cover all damages and injuries along with other things that may pop up, like legal fees.

Some types of coverages also have a deductible. Deductibles are a set amount of money you promise to pay in the event of a claim. Your insurer will not pay out until you pay your deductible, so it’s important that you can cover what you promise to after a collision.


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Information Needed to Get a Mexico Car Insurance Policy

Purchasing a Mexico car insurance policy from your provider will require a few extra pieces of information that your US auto policy did not need. This is mainly due to the fact that a car insurance policy for Mexico tends to be active only for a designated time period.

You should gather the following information prior to shopping for a Mexico auto insurance policy:

  • The days you intend to spend in Mexico
  • Where you will be in Mexico
  • American auto insurance policy number
  • Driver’s license (there may be additional fees for drivers under 21)
  • Vehicle make, model, and year
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plates numbers

Mexican Car Rental Insurance

Driving a rental car still calls for you to carry car insurance in Mexico. No matter if you rent a car in Mexico or drive a rental over the border, you still need to abide by Mexican insurance laws.

Be cautious if you are planning to rent a vehicle in America and take it to Mexico. Some rental companies forbid this, and attempting it could land you in some hot waters.

Once you are in the clear to drive the rental in Mexico, rental companies tend to offer car insurance coverage for their vehicles. It would be wise to accept the insurance so you know you are not on the hook for accidents should they occur during your trip.

However, if the rental agency does not offer coverage or you do not want to buy from them, you may be able to purchase Mexican rental car insurance through your credit card. Prior to booking your rental car, call your credit card provider.

Chances are, if you book the car using that credit card, the company may offer you insurance coverage. But make sure you read all the rules and details prior to booking. Some credit companies have additional requirements or do not offer liability insurance which is crucial to carry in Mexico.

Operating a rental car in Mexico may come with some extra steps but can be a very wise investment depending on your travel plans.

The Price of Mexican Car Insurance

Like other types of vehicle insurance, the cost of Mexican car insurance depends on a variety of factors. From your driving record to how much coverage you want, your premiums can greatly differ from another driver on the road.

Mexican car insurance policies are also pretty unique in the way that their cost depends on how long you want a policy for. You can choose a daily policy, semi-annual policy, or annual policy.

Annual policies tend to be the most expensive, with premium costs being around $450 per year to insure a car.

Daily policies may be the least expensive, but you should be cautious when purchasing. A daily package could cost just as much as a six-month (or semi-annual) insurance package depending on how long you stay in Mexico.

Reaching out to an insurance agent for a quote can give you a better idea of how much you will be paying for Mexico car insurance.


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Auto Insurance Tailored to You And Your Travels

Car insurance for driving in Mexico is a pretty customizable thing both in terms of your policy’s active period and types of coverage.

You establish when your insurance policy begins and ends. This should correlate with the time you expect to be driving over the border. You do not want to be paying for coverage while you are in America, but you also do not want to be driving in Mexico uninsured.

Make sure you are certain of the dates you will be traveling and set your insurance policy to reflect such. At the same time, you can pick and choose the different types of coverages you would like.

Of course, everyone needs liability insurance, but beyond that, you can generally customize the policy. Consider adding insurance like comprehensive and collision coverage in order to protect your vehicle.

Just remember that if you do not have this coverage on your American car insurance policy, you will most likely not be able to add it to your Mexican insurance policy.

Medical payments and roadside assistance are two other very valuable types of insurance that can save you greatly.

Being in another country can already be daunting enough. Getting into a car accident while there only adds layers of stress. Insurance can help give you the support you need.

Do You Need Mexico Auto Insurance?

Yes. Much like the laws in America, every driver on the road in Mexico needs auto insurance. However, you cannot carry your U.S. car insurance policy and expect to be protected on Mexico’s roads.

Mexico will not recognize an American auto insurance policy if you get into an accident. Due to this, you will not be able to use your car insurance to cover any damage, which can result in you getting arrested in Mexico along with your vehicle being impounded.

You should also be mindful of the fact that you cannot just buy Mexico car insurance once and expect to be covered at all times. The insurance policy is only valid during the specified dates and times.

If you drive over the border outside the policy’s date, you will not be covered. Mexico comes with its own insurance and driving laws, which will be explored in the next section.

Car Insurance Requirements for driving in Mexico

Mexican law mandates that every driver in Mexico carry liability insurance. This is not too unlike what personal liability insurance American states mandate for drivers.

Liability insurance covers injuries and damage you cause to others in a collision. When purchasing such coverage, you should consider buying the maximum amount available. This is due to the fact that Mexican liability insurance works a little differently than what we are used to in America.

According to federal law in Mexico, if you cause a car collision that results in a death, your insurance must pay the Mexican state’s minimum wage multiplied by $5,000 plus funeral expenses. This must be done for every person you kill in an accident.

Be aware that the Mexican state can then multiply this reimbursement amount resulting in even more money required to be paid out. If you injure someone in a car accident, what you must pay also depends on where the collision has occurred.

It is important that you check both the insurance laws and driving laws for the area of Mexico you will be in. You do not want to go in unprepared in the event of an insurance claim.

How to Buy Mexico Auto Insurance

There are generally two ways you can go about purchasing a Mexico car insurance policy. Start by looking at what your current auto insurance provider offers. A number of the top insurance providers offer Mexican auto insurance or partner with a company that can provide substantial coverage while you are on your trip.

If your insurance company does not have such policies, there are some independent insurance providers that specialize in insuring such coverage to Mexican tourists. If you are taking the latter route, it would be wise for you to shop around and compare quotes. Do not just settle for the first insurance broker you find that offers Mexico car insurance policies.

It may take some serious hunting to find a solid insurer, but it will be completely worth it should you end up in a collision while on vacation. Prices also vary from company to company, so you want to make sure you have good coverage at a good price point.

Tips For Operating a Vehicle in Mexico

Getting your car insurance all sorted out is just one part of taking a road trip to Mexico. There are some other things you should be mindful of both prior to and during your vacation.

Outlined below are some tips and tricks to make sure your Mexico trip goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Be mindful of driving habits and traffic signals - The signals, signs, and rules of the road you are used to as an American driver may not always be followed or enforced as closely as you expect. Be ready for any unpredictable and sudden road conditions. Highway exits may be different along with the overall attitude of other drivers. It is recommended you drive cautiously and be aware of your surroundings at all times. There are some areas where gas stations may be few and far between, so stock up if preparing to drive long distances.
  • Keep insurance documents handy - Try to keep two copies of your Mexican car insurance information, at the very least. This should include your insurance policy details, claims instructions, and details regarding roadside assistance. One copy should always be kept in your vehicle, so it is easily accessible in times of emergency. The other should be kept safe in a secure place like your hotel room so in case the other one is lost or stolen, you still have all the insurance information you need.
  • Consult travel advisories - The U.S. Department of State is a very valuable resource you should reference frequently leading up to your trip to Mexico. Their website lists up-to-date travel advisories, especially related to COVID-19 and security concerns. The U.S. Department of State also has information regarding U.S. embassy locations, local laws, any vaccination requirements, visa information, and currency entry/exit restrictions. No one should ever travel anywhere without having an understanding of the rules and regulations of the area.
  • Mexico insurance is available for your other vehicles - If you are taking your RV or motorcycle to Mexico, you can (and should) get insurance to cover them as well while you are on your trip. Mexico insurance is available for pretty much any vehicle you wish to operate. You can typically purchase it online through your current insurance provider or shop around for a company that offers international insurance. Almost every insurance company will offer liability insurance, but you should also consider finding a provider that has full coverage car insurance. Traveling to another country can be risky, and you want to make sure you are fully protected.
  • Utilize Mexican rental car insurance when applicable - Mexico’s driving laws also apply to rental cars, which should come as no surprise to you. If you opt to rent a car while in Mexico, you can typically buy auto insurance coverage from the rental agency. You will need to at least buy the liability coverage portion in order to drive the rental vehicle in Mexico. Insurance policy add-ons are usually optional but extremely encouraged. If you are planning to rent a car in America and then drive it into Mexico, you need to check with your rental agency first to make sure that is permitted. Not all rental companies allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico, or they may only allow you to operate in certain areas in their vehicle. If they allow it, you still need to look into car insurance from them.

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