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Do Pools Need More Liability Insurance?

Do Pools Need More Liability Insurance

Pool safety is of considerable concern to homeowners who have a pool and young children. Homeowners' insurance already includes a component called liability protection, which covers any injuries that occur on your property. Pool covers are an add-on to your house insurance policy. Pool coverage can range from $500,000 to $1 million, depending on the kind of policy and where you live. Pools are not covered by basic homeowners' insurance since they are more prone to result in bodily harm or death.

If you have a pool, you may consider buying additional homeowners liability coverage just in case something goes wrong. Because of the pool, there’s an increased risk of accidents, slips and falls on wet areas surrounding the pool, and even drowning deaths. Owners should think about obtaining additional liability coverage with their homeowners' insurance policy - for around $200 to $300 a year; you may increase your liability coverage up to $1 million.

Pools are usually covered within your homeowners' liability policy, so you don’t have to purchase any type of specific insurance for a pool. You may still buy an umbrella liability policy, which provides $1 million liability coverage for a relatively low price. This is an excellent protection to have.

Find out what restrictions your town or city has when it comes to building or buying a pool. Some jurisdictions may require you to surround the pool with fencing or install specific equipment.

Here are safe practices for the pool area, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional coverage:

  • Don’t leave kids alone in or around the pool
  • Make sure everyone knows how to swim
  • Keep electrical items away from the water
  • Keep kids away from pool devices like the filter
  • Watch the weather
  • Be watchful when a diving board is in use
  • Don’t swim or allow anyone to swim if they are fatigued

These are the best ways to promote a safe pool environment. At the same time, be sure your insurance policy covers any legal or pool repairs expenses by reviewing your coverage’s liability coverage. Whether you have a pool or not, homeowners insurance is required, and the premium will most likely be greater for extra liability coverage. Contact your insurance provider to find out what level of protection is appropriate for your property.

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