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Ready to get a cheap motorcycle insurance policy? Reach out to one of our expert agents to get a free motorcycle insurance quote. Make sure you let us know your zip code, details of your bike, and your driving history. By providing us with this information, we get a better idea of the cheap motorcycle insurance coverage you need.

You can get a motorcycle quote from us either at one of our many locations or online with your zip code in just a few clicks via our website or our mobile app. We are also just one call away. Get a motorcycle insurance quote online and ride off on your motorcycle worry-free tomorrow.

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Cheap Motorcycle insurance provides financial coverage for riders and their bike in the event of an accident_._ It operates in a similar fashion to auto insurance. Some parts of a motorcycle policy will also offer assistance after non-accident-related damage.

Affordable Motorcycle insurance is a very valuable service to have. Without it, you run the risk of having to pay out of pocket for repairs and medical expenses after a collision. Purchase a policy can offer you some peace of mind when you decide to head out on your bike. A full look at the personal coverage options we can offer you is explored below.

What Motorcycles Are Covered?

The word “motorcycle” or “bike” can actually be vaguer than you might think. Due to this, insurance for motorcycles is expansive. It covers vehicles from traditional motorcycles, vintage bikes, scooters or mopeds.

Listed below are some common types of bikes that insurance providers offer personal coverage options for.


This is the most popular type of motorcycle, usually with an engine that’s visible from both sides. Harley-Davidson is the most common brand of these cruisers. The V-twin or full view engine like on a Harley Davidson is what you’ll find on most cruisers.


High-performance motorcycles are built for speed. These sports bikes can be used to ride on the streets, but they also make great everyday transportation when you need it most!


The dirt bike is a lightweight motorcycle with rugged tires and upgraded suspension. Dirt Bikes are exhilarating two-wheeled vehicles that can be used for all sorts of outdoor adventures including off road racing or simply commuting to work on weekends

ATV’s and UTV’s

Off-road vehicles that can be both four wheeled or have up to eight wheels in total.

To find out if your insurance company will cover your motorcycles, consult their website or your insurance agent.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Cheap Motorcycle insurance is not unlike personal auto insurance in terms of what it can cover. When purchasing a low cost motorcycle insurance policy, you can expect to obtain liability coverage at the very least.

There are other affordable motorcycle coverage options like collision and comprehensive coverage. You can even go beyond that to add on specialty insurances. What a quote covers and its benefits and perks are outlined below.

Motorcycle Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage that you cause in an accident. Like auto insurance, there is the minimum amount of insurance motorcycle operators are expected to carry in a number of states.

It is important to remember that liability coverage will not provide assistance for your bodily injury or damage to your property. It is strictly meant to provide coverage for the other person involved in the collision.

Motorcycle Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for repairs to your motorcycles after an accident, no matter who was found to be at fault. This will be a crucial piece of your insurance policy as it assures that your bike will be fixed no matter the circumstances.

Collision Coverage is key, especially since liability insurance offers you no protection for getting your bike fixed.

Comprehensive Coverage for Motorcycles

Comprehensive coverage pays for non-collision-related damage to your motorcycles. This includes vandalism, theft, and fire.

It is important to note that you can only enact comprehensive coverage if the damage you are looking to repair was caused outside of an accident. This is another important type of insurance for motorcycle owners.

Additional Types of Motorcycle Coverage

What has been explored above are just some of the major types of affordable motorcycle insurance coverage options to protect your bike. There are a number of policy add-ons that insurance providers offer when providing quotes to customers to help them expand coverage:

Towing and Roadside Assistance

If your motorcycles are having some mechanical issues while on the road, roadside assistance is there for assistance to fix the problem or tow you to a shop. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the road, and we offer all types of road assistance to help in these situations.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Despite motorcycle and auto insurance being mandated in nearly every state, you can still end up in a collision with someone lacking coverage. If they were at fault, getting your medical expenses and vehicle repaired can prove to be a challenge. That’s where uninsured motorist coverage can come in to play and cover your bills.


Motorcycle riding requires accessories like a helmet and other protective gear. Those pieces of equipment and others can be covered by your insurance policy in case they are damaged in an accident.

Replacement Cost

After an accident, your motorcycle may be beyond repair. For instances like that, you can get replacement coverage that will pay for the cost to replace your bike.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a crucial policy option to have. This type of insurance will pay for any medical expenses you and your passenger accumulate following an accident.

It pays out for personal injury claims no matter who was found to be at fault. This is often referred to as no-fault insurance and mandated for drivers in a number of states.

Do You Need Cheap Motorcycle Insurance?

Legally, it depends on the state you live in. Nearly every state mandates that motorcycle riders carry a certain amount of liability coverage. Some states may even require other types of cheap motorcycle insurance like collision and comprehensive coverage.

To get a better idea of the laws in your state, consult your state’s department of insurance. You have a responsibility as a motorcycle rider to comply with regulations. But, at the same time, state laws should not be the only reason you obtain a bike insurance policy.

Insurance is a very vital tool that can protect you and your vehicle following a tragedy. You should make sure you not only meet state requirements but also that you have enough coverage to protect yourself and your passenger in the event of a serious accident. Failure to do so can result in both your finances suffering by paying a higher deductible and lead to other penalties like tickets and fees.

Motorcycle Insurance - How Much Should You Get?

Since we have established that you legally need affordable motorcycle coverage, it is important we look at how much of it you should actually get. Outside of liability insurance options, everything else is typically up to you to determine.

You should consider things like how often you ride and how much your bike is worth. If you are a dedicated rider with a high-end bike, you are certainly going to want to protect it with collision and comprehensive coverage.

If you are someone who takes a joy ride every now and then, you may not need expansive coverage. It is important that you make educated decisions based on who you are as a rider and understand what your needs are.

Don’t forget to also consider all the equipment and apparel that comes with your motorcycle. Those can be costly, but your insurance policy may be able to cover them.

The best way to go about cheaper motorcycle insurance is to start with liability coverage quotes and build up from there. Consulting an insurance agent or broker for a quote can be useful for helping you navigate everything that may be offered.

Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Cost

It is hard to give a specific answer for how much cheap motorcycle insurance will cost you. Like any other type of vehicle insurance or property insurance policy, a cheap motorcycle insurance quote is personalized.

Specific factors about you and your vehicle directly impact your quote. Something as simple as your age can affect premiums. However, despite how much goes into the quotes price, it may still be helpful to establish a baseline.

On average, motorcycle riders in the United States pay around $730 per year for cheap motorcycle insurance. That comes out to be about $61 per month. Keep in mind that your quotes can easily be above or below this average. More on what factors go into determining your insurance premium quotes can be found in the next section.

Motorcycle Insurance Quote Determining Factors

There are a number of factors that affect how much you will be paying for a cheap motorcycle insurance policy. Some of these can be customized in order to lower your quote, while others you simply can’t control. Still, it is important to understand what sort of information is causing your premiums to be at the price that they are.

Common things your insurance provider takes into consideration when getting a cheap motorcycle insurance.

  • Type of motorcycle - The make and model of the motorcycle you are looking to insure will play a big role in determining your rates. High-speed, big, expensive bikes tend to cost you more to insure because of their replacement costs. A sport bike, on average, has higher insurance quotes as opposed to a cruiser or touring bike.
  • Age - Like auto insurance, motorcycle riders under the age of 25 can expect to pay more for coverage. This is due to the fact that young drivers tend to be less experienced and have no driving record. It is a risk for insurers to provide coverage as there is no telling what kind of rider they will be. As you get older and more experienced on the road, rates tend to decrease.
  • Usage - How you plan to use your bike can impact your rates. If you are purchasing a fast, high-performance motorcycle, like those used for racing, you can expect to pay more for insurance. However, something smaller like scooters will be cheaper. Bikes used sparingly will have a lower quote.
  • Driving record - Much like auto insurance, your driving record will be taken into account when deciding insurance premiums. The safer of a driver you are, the lower your rates will be. Every claim and accident will be listed on your record, which insurance providers then take into consideration when giving you a quote.
  • Location - The state you live in (even your specific zip code) will affect your insurance rates. In the case of motorcycle insurance, rates tend to be higher in states with warmer weather like California and Florida. Rates are increased there because people can ride more often. States with high populations also will see more expensive insurance rates due to chances of getting into an accident being greater. If the zip code you live in is highly populated, you can see higher rates because of the amount of drivers on the road.
  • Coverage level - How much insurance you actually want will affect your rates. If your looking for affordability and only want liability insurance, your premiums will be lower than a rider with collision and comprehensive coverage added to their policy. But it is important to remember that skimping on coverage for the sake of a lower rate can put your finances at risk especially if you have a total loss.

What has been outlined above are just some of the factors that determine your insurance premiums. Other areas insurance providers look into include things like customer creditworthiness and a bike’s annual mileage.

Consult with an insurance agent, broker, or customer car representative to help you get a better idea of what has been taken into consideration when receiving a quote.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Depending on your driving situation, motorcycle insurance can get a little pricey. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to lower your annual premiums.

Cheap Motorcycle insurance discounts vary state by state and by the company

Getting cheap motorcycle insurance coverage at an appealing price is possible as an informed customer. Ask your insurer about these possible discounts on your policy.

Motorcycle safety course discount

There are a number of state-sponsored motorcycle safety courses available to you. Completion of a motorcycle safety course shows your insurer that you are taking steps to become a smart and safe rider, and, in turn, they will give you a course discount on your rates.

Bundling your insurance

A common way people save money on insurance quotes of any kind is by bundling. Bundling means you purchase multiple insurance policies with one company. For example, if you purchase low cost motorcycle insurance with the same provider who holds your homeowners or renters insurance policy, then you may receive a discount on your quotes.

Install safety features

Some insurance providers will offer you discounted quotes based on how safe your bike is. The safer your motorcycle is, the less you should get into accidents, meaning fewer claims for insurers to pay for. Ask your insurance agent about the full extent of requirements for such a discount.

Stay claim free

Maintaining a clean driving record is the best way to keep your insurance quotes low. Claims can raise your rates, and if you go to switch insurers, your record follows. Companies typically want to insure customers who practice safe driving and don’t come with a high insurability risk.

Motorcycle Riders Group discounts

Some providers may offer you discounted quotes if you are part of a riding club or motorcycle association. When you go looking for a quote, check if there is a section for rider group membership. If your group is listed, you could get a break on rates.

Finding Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

The best way to find cheap motorcycle insurance is to research and shop around. It is crucial that you get quotes from a variety of companies, so you are able to compare quotes and policies accurately as an informed customer.

Once you purchase a policy that is appealing, make sure you keep your rates low by staying claims-free and keeping up with payments. Lapses in coverage can make obtaining another insurance policy difficult.

Do not forget to also inquire about discounts. There are a number of discounts insurance companies can offer a customer, and you do not want to miss out on them. It may take some work to find good coverage at a good price, but it’ll be worth it. You don’t want to wing it when it comes to insurance options nor do you want to skim on coverage for the sake of saving some money on your quote.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance is really only good to you if it’s good quality and offers strong service. You have a lot of options out there for a policy. Make sure you take your time to really learn and understand what companies have to offer when searching for a quote.

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Hitting the open road on your motorcycle is an unforgettable experience. It's just about you and the open road as you're cruising along. But motorcycle rides may not always go exactly as you plan. Your joyous, carefree day on the highway can easily be turned upside down thanks to a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents happen frequently and can be not only physically harmful but financially, too.

For moments like those, cheap motorcycle insurance can be there to help. All we need is your zip code to start a free online quote and get you insured. For more information about Insurance Navy™ coverage, feel free to give us a call to ask some of your frequently asked questions or FAQs. We have the highest customer satisfaction rates of any insurance provider.

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