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Plainfield Auto Insurance

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A Look Into Plainfield

Plainfield is often recognized for its old-fashioned feel. Downtown, the buildings are historical, and local shops line Main Street for visitors to browse through and explore. The Historical Society's Museum also offers a collection and location where visitors can learn more about what this quaint little town has been up since it was established in 1841.

  • Plainfield is located in Will and Dupage county. Originally called “Walkers’ Grove”, it was platted as Plainfield in 1841.

  • Plainfield Fire Department: The Fire Department is located at 14415 S, Coil Plus DR, Plainfield, IL 60544, and can be contacted at 815-609-7789 for non-emergency.

  • Plainfield Police Department: The Police Station is located at 14300 Coil Plus Dr, IL 60544 and can be reached at 815-436-6544 or non-emergency.

  • Plainfield Village Hall: Located at 24401 W Lockport St, Plainfield, IL 60544.

Public Transportation from Plainfield

When you are commuting from Plainfield into downtown Chicago, Pace bus service is available. There are two routes that will take you there: Route 755 and 855.

The Plainfield Township Senior Shuttle Service provides transportation for those who are unable to drive. The service operates within the hours of 8 am-3 pm, Monday through Friday, and is available to seniors in-person provided they call ahead at least 24 hours before their intended ride date.

Residency in Plainfield

Plainfield has a population of 43,110 according to the United States Census Bureau as of 2019, with an owner-occupied housing unit rate of 88.9 as of 2015-2019.

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