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Lafayette, In Auto Insurance

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InsuranceNavy was founded with a simple goal; to provide the best possible coverage for every driver at an affordable price. Our experienced Lafayette agents will work closely with you, assessing your needs and lifestyle before tailoring our services accordingly. We have competitive rates on auto insurance, SR-22 filings, motorcycle coverage, and more. Contact us today so we can get started protecting you from running into any roadblocks down the line.

Lafayette, IN Auto Insurance

InsuranceNavy Brokers aims to do what it takes to make your insurance dream a reality! We are the best place for car, home, or life coverage in Lafayette. From liability and comprehensive plans- we have you covered. Our friendly staff is always willing and able to answer any questions about our policies so that the experience with us will be nothing less than stellar from start-to-finish; no matter if you’re contacting InsuranceNavy the first time around (or not). But most importantly, if trustworthiness matters while shopping: take our word for it– InsurnanceBrokers has got you covered.

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At InsuranceNavy, we believe in providing personalized service from caring people. Our bilingual staff members are always available to assist or answer any questions you may have and our rates will fit your budget perfectly; let us be a part of the community today by using insurance that was made just for you!

A Look Into Lafayette

Originating as an essential passage to the American West, Lafayette was dubbed “The Star of the West”. The city’s location allowed it to become a central market and shipping location for surrounding regions and their agriculture. Lafayette is also home to Purdue University, which is notable for its community growth.

  • Lafayette is located in Tippecanoe county. It was first incorporated in 1853
  • Lafayette Fire Department: The Fire Department is located at 443 North 4th St. Lafayette, IN 47901, and can be contacted at 765-807-1600 for non-emergency.
  • Lafayette Police Department: The Police Station is located at 20 N 6th St. Lafayette, IN 47901, and can be reached at 317-327-3811 or non-emergency.
  • Lafayette City Hall: The City Hall is located at 20 N 6th St. Lafayette, IN 47901.

Public Transportation from Lafayette

The diverse communities in Lafayette are all connected by the CityBus system. Residents of any age or skill level can use the Amtrak rail system to explore their surroundings and visit popular destinations like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City with ease!

Residency in Lafayette

Lafayette has a population of 72,581 according to the United States Census Bureau as of 2019, with an owner-occupied housing unit rate of 48.6 as of 2015-2019.