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Editorial Guidelines

The editorial team at Insurance Navy is dedicated to providing readers with fair, unbiased information about the insurance industry.

Basic Guidelines

All writers at Insurance Navy must adhere to these guidelines when producing content.

Each editorial team writer is responsible for the accuracy of their content and is expected to fact-check every piece they produce.

Members of the Insurance Navy editorial team will not accept payment in exchange for good reviews or sponsored content. We strive to provide readers with unbiased, informative content. However, we are humans. We do not know everything. The Insurance Navy editorial team works to present accurate facts and reasonable conclusions about the insurance industry to readers.

Accuracy, Corrections, & Influence

Our content aims to provide factual and relevant information about the insurance industry to help readers make the most informed decision about policies and coverage. If notified about an error or disagreeing opinion, we will review the content and proceed as we see fit. With an industry that is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date. The editorial team at Insurance Navy does their best to provide readers with the most insightful information possible.


Insurance Navy has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism of any kind, whether it be accidental or intentional. It is up to each member of the editorial team to understand plagiarism and how to avoid committing such a violation.

Acts of plagiarism include:

  • Directly copying and pasting content from another site for post on Insurance Navy’s website and passing it off as your own work.
  • Making a minute number of modifications to content from another site.
  • Copying work previously submitted to a different site and publishing it through Insurance Navy.

Any editorial team member who is found to be in violation of these outlined guidelines will be subjected to an internal review of their employment. To avoid spurs of plagiarism, we utilize various anti-plagiarism software to review our content before publishing.


We do our best to only consult credible sources within our pieces. This includes government websites, legal websites, and data-driven websites.


Our writers use only professional language when composing their pieces. Usage of a casual phrase from one person may be taken differently by another, and we do not wish to exclude anyone through our pieces. The use of profanity is also strictly forbidden on Insurance Navy’s website.

The world of insurance can be overwhelming and intricate. This is why the editorial team at Insurance Navy does their best to create content that is informational and useful for all ages seeking assistance. We wish to connect with readers in the easiest way possible.