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Does Car Insurance Cover Lost Keys?

car insurance cover lost keys

Car keys come in all shapes and sizes. They can be your average metal key or an electronic fob. A metal key is easier to replace than an electronic fob because a locksmith can create it for a fee.

Electronic key fobs require far more work since they have to be programmed and assembled from electronic parts. This is why, more often than not, you will usually have to pay on your own for car key replacements.

However, you can still check with your auto insurance provider if they offer coverage for lost keys. Even so, it hardly makes sense to file a comprehensive claim for keys that were lost or stolen. This post talks about why that is, along with everything else you need to know about car insurance and lost keys.

How Much do Lost Car Keys Cost?

If you lose your standard ignition car keys, you will pay a locksmith anywhere from $50 to $90 for them to create new ones. The cost depends on your car’s make and model. Luxury plays a big role in maintenance costs such as these.

Speaking of which, replacement costs aren’t as low for the more luxurious electronic key fobs. These can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400 to replace -and that’s not including the hours of labor which they usually charge $100 for. Programming is another expense that you may have to pay for, and that cost depends on your car.

Electronic fobs are made up of laser-cut keys and chips that transpond a signal to the car. Cars that use them are often more difficult for locksmiths to get into, and sometimes a trip to the dealership is in order.

Does Car Insurance Cover Car Key Replacements?

Unfortunately, your car insurance typically doesn’t cover car key loss and replacement. None of the different types of car insurance like comprehensive and collision coverage specifically mention anything about them.

Roadside assistance coverage only helps in the event you lock your keys in your car or lose them, as they can get you to a locksmith or auto shop. But, they won’t cover the costs of lost keys.

At the same time, it barely makes sense to file a claim for lost keys. You have a deductible you have to pay in order to file a claim, and that deductible will cost far more than a simple replacement would. Car insurance only covers the vehicle itself and not the keys.

Can Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Lost Car Keys?

There are ways that homeowners’ insurance can cover your car keys if they are lost. Since your homeowners’ policy provides insurance for your personal assets and property, you can list your car keys as such.

Say that your bag or purse is stolen with your car keys inside. There is a possibility that your homeowners’ policy will provide coverage for the lost keys along with the other contents of the bag. This would be covered with optional physical damage coverage for your home and property. Inquire with your homeowners’ insurer if your car keys are covered.

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