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Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois - The Best Affordable Quotes and Rates

Cheapest Car insurance in Illinois For All Cars and Drivers

There’s nothing like hitting the open road and traveling across the Land of Lincoln. There are hundreds of thousands of places for you to discover across Illinois. But before you head out on your adventure, you need to make sure you have car insurance.

Car insurance is required for every driver on the road in Illinois. Just because insurance is required, though, does not mean you need to break the bank to get a policy. Explored below is how to get cheap car insurance in Illinois.

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Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Required in Illinois

Before beginning your hunt for the cheapest auto insurance, you should have an understanding of the insurance laws in Illinois. There is a mandatory minimum amount of liability coverage every resident must carry to be considered a legal driver.

Failure to carry such liability coverage results in serious penalties. While it’s tempting to skim the coverage for lower rates, it can be incredibly dangerous.

Outlined below are Illinois’s insurance law requirements for drivers getting liability, bodily injury, and uninsured motorist coverage.


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Illinois Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $20,000 in property damage per accident

Illinois Uninsured-Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury per accident

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What are the Penalties For Driving Without Insurance In Illinois?

Illinois drivers are required to keep a copy of their insurance card with them at all times when on the road. If you are pulled over and cannot provide proof of insurance, you could be facing hefty fines, suspension of driving privileges, and a reinstatement fee for being an uninsured motorist.

Fines following your first and second offense for driving uninsured could be anywhere between $500-$1,000. Your licenses and registration will also be suspended for three months. You’ll be required to pay a $100 reinstatement fee once you provide proof of insurance for driving uninsured.

Subsequent offenses will result in higher fines, license suspension for four months, and an SR22 requirement.

Illinois SR22 Insurance Requirements

SR22 insurance is not a type of insurance coverage but a proof of financial responsibility. An SR22 certificate is filed by your insurance provider and proves to the state that you have at least the mandatory minimum amount of liability car insurance.

This tends to be required of high-risk drivers who have committed a severe traffic violation or a serious accident. You may be asked to file an SR22 certificate in Illinois after:

  • Being convicted of three or more insurance violations
  • Having your driving privileges suspended due to driving uninsured
  • Being caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

It’s already bad enough to end up in a position where you are required to file an SR22, but you will only dig yourself into a deeper hole should you ignore it. This is especially the case if you are involved in a car accident after being required to carry SR22 insurance.

In order to save yourself the trouble, comply with Illinois’s liability insurance requirements. This will certainly help you to lower your car insurance rates over time.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Illinois?

In Illinois, drivers pay around $1,130 per year for car insurance coverage, on average. According to statistics, roughly 20% lower than the national average. However, what you end up paying per year can easily be below or above this.

A variety of factors go into determining your car insurance rates, many of which will be explored in the next section. Still, it can be helpful to establish a baseline in order to see where you fall compared to Illinois’s average for cheap car insurance.

Factors That Determine Car Insurance Premiums

What you will be paying for car insurance coverage is dependent on numerous personal factors. Insurance companies look at you from pretty much every angle, from your age to your driving history.

It is important to understand what determines your insurance rates so you can figure out where you can do better in an attempt to lower them.

Outlined below are some common factors that will be taken into consideration when drivers get cheap car insurance quotes.

How Does Age Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

How old you are will be a major factor in determining your auto insurance rates. The younger you are, the more expensive your auto insurance rates will be. This is because you probably have less experience behind the wheel with little to no driving record, insurers have a hard time judging your insurability risk.

You may be a great driver, but you have nothing to show for it meaning insurance providers have to prepare for the worst. As you age and rack up years behind the wheel, your car insurance rates will slowly decline.

Once you hit a certain age, usually in your late 50s or early 60s, you can expect your insurance premiums to start to increase. This will be because senior drivers are seen as high-risk drivers due to their slower reaction times. Age is one area of your insurance premiums that you have no control over.

How Does Location Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

Where you live will be taken into consideration by your insurance provider when shopping for car insurance coverage. Insurers will evaluate something as specific as your zip code and address.

This is due to the fact that highly-populated cities tend to have higher crime rates than rural or suburban towns, which can mean vehicle vandalism and theft. There are also more people which leads to traffic and thus more car accidents.

Living in a city may put you at a higher insurability risk than a driver who lives in the middle of nowhere. While affordable coverage is still possible to find, you should be mindful of this when purchasing car insurance. Your car insurance rates could be drastically different from your neighbors.

How Does Your Driving Record Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

The better the driving record you have, the lower your car insurance rates will be. Drivers with multiple accidents or violations on their driving records, like speeding tickets or moving violations, will be considered a high-risk driver, leading to an increase in their auto insurance premiums.

If this is the case, you may struggle to find an insurer to accept you and have to resort to providers that specialize in covering high-risk drivers. Your insurance premiums will be higher than an average driver’s. Practicing safe driving habits will be worth it in the long run.

How Does Car Insurance History Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

The minute you get your license and are recognized in Illinois as a driver, you need car insurance coverage. This applies even to drivers who do not have a vehicle.

If insurance providers see that you have a driver’s license but no insurance, they may assume that you drove uninsured, which can put you in the high-risk category, making your insurance premiums skyrocket.

Insurers also do not like to see any lapses in coverage. This means letting your insurance policy expire and failing to purchase new coverage right away. Having gaps in coverage can make you seem financially irresponsible or reckless.

Insurance providers are less likely to want to cover drivers who are not financially responsible. If they do cover you, your auto insurance rates will be increased, as they believe you are more likely to get into an accident.

How Does Type of Car Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

The type of vehicle you drive will directly impact your car insurance premiums. An expensive, high-powered vehicle will be more expensive to insure than an everyday sedan.

Make, model and year will all be taken into consideration by your insurance provider. The newer your vehicle is, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

Insurers also have concerns about drivers who own sports cars, as someone with a sports car is more likely to speed than someone driving a decade-old minivan. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for a vehicle.

How Does Miles Per Year Driven Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

Insurance providers will consider how much you use your vehicle when setting your auto insurance rates. The fewer miles you drive, the lower your premiums may be. Spending extensive time on the road means your chances of getting into an accident increase greatly.

Due to this, your insurance provider may see you as an insurability risk, which will then raise your insurance rates.

If you only use your vehicle on the weekends or work from home, you may want to look into per-mile insurance as a means of lowering your car insurance rates.

How Does Your Car Insurance Provider Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

Even the insurance company you choose to sign with will have an impact on your rates. Each insurer has its way of pricing policies and coverages.

You may notice as you get quotes that despite your information not changing, they vary greatly from one insurance company to another. All brands have their own algorithms and means for determining a drivers rates.

This is why it is best to shop around and get as many affordable car insurance quotes as you can. You should never settle for the first cheap car insurance provider you find.

Cheapest Basic Car Insurance In Illinois

Basic liability car insurance coverage is defined as carrying strictly what your state mandates for all drives. In Illinois, drivers must carry liability insurance uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for bodily injuries.

There are liability coverage limits you must at least meet in order to be considered a legal driver. It is not recommended that you only carry what your state requires for liability car insurance, but many people still choose to take this route.

The cheapest basic car insurance policy in Illinois goes for around $400 but can stretch up into the $700 range, depending on your circumstances and the provider you sign with.

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance in Illinois

Full coverage car insurance refers to a policy that contains comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the required liability insurance.

Full coverage tends to exceed the coverage limits mandated for drivers in Illinois. It offers not only financial protection for you but also repairs to your vehicle after a variety of incidents.

Naturally, full coverage car insurance will cost you a bit more than basic car insurance. On average, the cheapest full coverage auto insurance policy in Illinois costs anywhere from $700-$1,200 annually.

On paper, basic car insurance seems more appealing thanks to the price tag, but you need to consider all you get with full coverage car insurance. Not only will you be able to pay for damages and injuries you cause, but your auto repairs will be handled up to a specific amount.

How Do Traffic Violations Affect Illinois Car Insurance Rates?

Getting a ticket due to a traffic violation will affect your car insurance rates greatly in Illinois. One ticket may not always increase your premiums right away but obtaining multiple violations on your driving record is sure to hike up your rates.

How much your insurance rates will rise, though, depends on several factors like the severity of the traffic violation or accident and your insurance provider’s pricing methods.

For example, a reckless driving conviction in Illinois can raise your insurance rates by 52%.

Receiving a ticket for racing in Illinois can raise your premiums by 54%.

Being caught driving with a suspended license in Illinois comes with some of the most severe penalties and can raise your insurance rates by 56%.

It’s no secret that practicing safe and smart driving habits is the best way to keep your car insurance premiums low and not get into an accident.

Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois For Good Drivers

Being considered a good driver means that your driving record has no blemishes. Drivers of this status steer clear of speeding tickets, at-fault car accidents, and DUI citations on their driving history.

Illinois drivers who stay accident free can see, on average, a 32% saving on their car insurance rates compared to drivers with an accident on their record. Being a safe driver pays as practicing good habits on the road will get you lower rates on auto insurance.

On average, the cheapest car insurance rates for a good driver range from $300-$500 per year. On top of the already affordable premiums, nearly every car insurance company in Illinois offers drivers with clean records a good driver discount.

This type of discount can save you anywhere from 5%-10% on your car insurance premiums.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Illinois

You are considered a young driver by insurance companies when you are between 16 and 25. This period of your life is when you are considered to be a great risk for insurance providers.

Teenagers and even young adults are considered to be fairly reckless and cause numerous accidents every year. At the same time, young drivers have little to no driving record, meaning insurers have difficulty judging just how much of a risk you will be on the road.

Due to this, insurers will assume the worst and hike up your premiums. On average, young Illinois drivers can pay thousands of dollars per year for coverage. However, it is still possible for young drivers in Illinois to find relatively cheap car insurance policies.

Insurance premiums will shift ever so slightly every year until you reach 25, but, on average, the cheapest car insurance premiums for young drivers range somewhere from $700-$3,300 per year.

The big gap can be related to the fact numerous factors go into determining insurance rates. It’s more expensive if you have your own policy rather than being added to your parent’s insurance policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Senior in Illinois

Adult and mature drivers will pay less than teenage drivers, but as you hit seniority, your car insurance premiums will begin to increase once again.

This is for a number of reasons. One thing that causes the increase is that insurers believe senior drivers have a slower reaction than younger ones. This means chances of getting into an accident are great when you are older.

Older drivers are, according to statistics, responsible for a high number of accidents every year on the road. In Illinois, the average senior driver will pay around $1,180 per year for car insurance coverage.

However, there are cheap insurance policies out there with premiums ranging, on average, anywhere from $300-$800 per year. Due to the hefty range in pricing for coverage, it would be beneficial to shop around for providers.

Senior drivers should also be on the lookout for senior driver discounts available in Illinois. Some insurance providers will allow senior drivers to take a driving course in order to freshen up on their driving skills.

Upon providing proof of completion for an approved class, your insurer will reward you with a discount on your premiums.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Illinois For Drivers With Poor Credit

Many states can consider your credit score when determining your car insurance premiums. Unfortunately, Illinois is one of these states. It is believed by insurers that someone’s credit score can tell them how likely they are to get in an accident.

The worse your credit score is, the higher your chances of getting into a collision and thus filing a claim is. Credit scores are also a sign of how financially responsible someone is, which that too can correlate to how likely they are to file an insurance claim.

When it comes to finding cheap car insurance, drivers with poor credit could be paying as little as $500 per year for a policy. On average, though, these drivers pay a couple of thousands of dollars per year for insurance in Illinois.

It’s crucial that you hunt around for car insurance if you fall into a risky driving category.

Cheapest Car Insurance After DUI Conviction in Illinois

Like other states, receiving a DUI conviction in Illinois is a serious offense. Not only will your insurance rates increase due to the infraction, but you will also face other severe penalties like jail time and fees.

Having a DUI conviction or a DUI accident on your driving record makes you very unappealing to insurance companies. Even if you have nothing else in your history, they will typically see you as a high-risk driver, which can lead to you struggling to find coverage or being offered a policy with alarmingly high rates.

When it comes to drivers with a DUI conviction finding a cheap auto insurance policy in Illinois, premiums tend to range from $500-$1,000. But do not be surprised if you are quoted higher than these averages.

A DUI conviction is a serious offense that affects various aspects of your life, including your car insurance. You will most likely be paying for your irresponsible choices in more ways than one.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Illinois For Drivers With Speeding Tickets

Accumulating minor traffic violations like speeding tickets on your record will result in increased rates. Granted, it won’t be as much as with a major violation like a DUI, but it still will be enough to notice, especially if you rack up multiple minor violations.

It is also important to note that in many cases following a speeding ticket, your insurance rates will decrease after a set number of years. Typically the increased insurance premiums will only stay around for 3-5 years so long as you do not accumulate any other tickets in that time.

Still, that can be a long time, and you want to make your insurance budget stretches as far as possible. When it comes to cheap car insurance for driving with speeding tickets in Illinois, a policy may cost anywhere from $400-$1,000 per year.

And, remember, that is the affordable type of coverage. Since insurance providers calculate their costs differently, you may find some auto insurance quotes being a couple of thousands of dollars for coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Drivers After an Accident in Illinois

Just like speeding tickets and DUI convictions, causing a car accident is guaranteed to raise your insurance premiums in Illinois. Having an at-fault accident on your driving record will typically affect your car insurance rates for about 3-5 years.

After that time has passed, so long as you have not caused another accident, your rates are likely to decrease. But much like the speeding ticket dilemma, that is still a long time to be paying higher rates for coverage.

When it comes to cheap Illinois car insurance, drivers with at-fault accidents could pay, on the low end, anywhere from $500-$1,000 per year for coverage.

Some analysis reports have found Illinois car insurance premiums that are more in the $1,500 range, so be mindful of that when on the hunt for the cheapest coverage. It may not be easy to come across, and a lot of it depends on your personal factors such as an accident of your record.

Car Insurance Coverage For Military in Illinois

Several insurance providers in Illinois offer discounted car insurance rates for military personnel and veterans. There are both Illinois-based and national insurance companies you can look into to get a cheap car insurance policy as a military member.

Shopping around and getting cheap car insurance quotes while in Illinois is a great way to find a policy that fits your needs at a rate that appeases your wallet.

On average, a male military service member pays around $1,400 per year for car insurance coverage.

As for female military members, they pay roughly $1,300 per year for auto insurance. If you are an older veteran, you can expect to pay less than the outlined average.

Car Insurance Rates by Illinois Cities

As previously mentioned, where you live in Illinois will significantly impact how much you pay for car insurance. Not only does the state you live in matter, but so does your zip code and city.

Like other states, Illinois cities have their own average car insurance rates. Dense, populous cities will have higher rates than suburban towns. With a high population comes more chances for crime and collisions.

Chicago and Joliet drivers see some of the highest rates in Illinois. Drivers in these cities may pay anywhere from $1,200-$1,700 for car insurance per year.

On the flip side, your rates will be significantly lower if you live in a suburb like Champaign or Peoria. On average, drivers in Champaign and Peoria pay anywhere from $1,000-$1,130 per year for car insurance coverage.

What you pay may actually be lower than the average, depending on your driving habits and personal factors. The same goes for drivers in Chicago.

Rough estimations for areas are good to establish a baseline, but there is more than just location that determines your insurance rates.

Tips For Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Finding a cheap car insurance policy in Illinois is certainly possible, no matter what your situation may be. Will it always be the cheapest rate possible? Probably not, especially if you have a less-than-perfect driving record.

But finding something that fits your budget is a doable task. Outlined below are tips and tricks to assist you in finding good auto insurance coverage at an even better price point.

Cheap Car Insurance Comparison Shopping

It’s important to shop around and get quotes from a wide range of insurance providers. Looking both nationally and locally in Illinois can be very beneficial. This may be especially helpful if you have some blemishes on your driving record as local companies tend to take on high-risk drivers more often than national brands.

At the same time, when you pull quotes, you can get the complete picture of what rates are in your area. You should make sure you are not just signing with a company to get an appealing rate.

Low rates are nice, but if the coverage is lackluster, you could be in a tricky situation following an accident.

Car Insurance Discounts in Illinois

Car insurance providers have a number of discounts available to Illinois drivers to help give them a break on their rates.

These discounts tend to relate to your personal factors, like being a good student or a homeowner. You can also receive discounts for being a safe driver.

As you shop around for insurance, keep an eye out for any discounts providers list on their website. You can also ask insurance agents about them as companies may not always disclose every discount available.

Discounts are some of the easiest ways to reduce your insurance premiums.

Be Mindful of Your Insurance Coverage

Every year or so, it would be wise to reevaluate your car insurance policy and make sure you still need the coverage you are paying for.

Of course, liability insurance is always a must in Illinois, but other types of insurance like comprehensive and collision coverage may not be necessary as your vehicle gets older. Just make sure you are not skimping on coverage.

You should also revisit your deductibles to see if you can adjust them. Maybe you are in a better financial position and can raise your insurance deductibles.

By raising your deductibles, you will be decreasing your insurance premiums. But this should only be done if you are certain you can pay the deductible following a collision.

Car Insurance Lapses in Illinois

Try not to let your insurance coverage lapse. If insurance companies see gaps in your insurance history, they are more inclined to raise your rates.

A lapse in coverage may portray you as being financially irresponsible, leading to insurers labeling you as a high-risk driver. Illinois drivers who are not financially responsible are thought to make more insurance claims than drivers who are stable financially.

Also, remember that you still need car insurance in Illinois even if you do not own the car you drive. Not having a vehicle is not an excuse to let your insurance policy expire.

It has been found that Illinois drivers who fail to maintain continuous insurance pay around 27% more for coverage than drivers with a consistent insurance history.

Illinois Car Insurance Premium Factors

Some factors that affect your car insurance premiums can not be helped, so you should be mindful of the ones you can change.

For example, you may not be able to move to an Illinois town that has lower insurance rates, but you can improve your credit score for a better rate.

Being a smart, safe driver also helps your rates as it keeps your claims history low. Having a good understanding of what affects your Illinois car insurance premiums will help you learn what areas can be adjusted in order to try to lower your rates.

Car Insurance by the Mile: Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance

Thanks to the accessibility of public transportation around Illinois, many drivers are simply opting to utilize other means of getting somewhere.

If you find yourself being one of the many people who use available public transit in Illinois to get to places like work, consider switching to a usage-based car insurance policy.

Usage-based insurance charges you based on how many miles you drive per year. Companies use special devices in order to monitor your driving habits, which allows them to calculate your premiums.

Generally, the fewer miles you drive, the better the insurance discount you will get.

Cheapest Car Insurance in IL by City

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