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Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

Insurance Navy makes it easy to find and compare the cheapest car insurance rates in GA.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Georgia - For ALL Cars & Drivers

While Georgia may be known for a lot of great things — peaches, pecans, and for being the birthplace of Coca-Cola — it isn’t exactly known for its cheap car insurance rates.

Because of this, it can be a challenge for drivers on a budget to find the right policy to fit their needs. And with the current economy making finding lower prices on anything difficult, it’s more important than ever for drivers to shop around for a cheaper car insurance policy that gives their budget a little bit of a break.

In general, car insurance rates in Georgia are a little bit higher than the national average - but if you know where to look, you can find cheaper car insurance rates that will give you the coverage you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

At Insurance Navy we’ve dedicated our business to helping people just like you get affordable, inexpensive car insurance that meets state-required mandates and keeps you and your family safe on Georgia roadways.

Read on to learn everything you need to know when shopping around for a cheap car insurance policy in Georgia.


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Car Insurance Requirements in Georgia

Car insurance is one of those inevitable things in life. If you want to drive a car, you are required to purchase car insurance. In Georgia, just like in all states, drivers are legally required to carry a minimum level of coverage.

It’s also required that you carry proof of insurance coverage with you at all times, so don’t let yourself get caught without your policy in hand. If you don’t, you could face hefty fines and fees.

Think purchasing insurance coverage sounds expensive? It can be, but there are ways to save. If you opt for a minimum-coverage policy, for example, you’ll pay less than for full coverage. However, this choice isn’t without its risks.

On average, Georgia drivers pay $716 per year for minimum coverage, the least amount of insurance coverage allowed to comply with the law.

What Are the Minimum Amounts of Car Insurance That Every Driver in Georgia Must Carry?

At a minimum, Georgia drivers must carry:

● Bodily injury: $25,000 per person

● Bodily injury: $50,000 per accident

● Property damage: $25,000 per accident

Optional Car Insurance Coverage

Even when you’re on a tight budget, it may make sense to purchase cheap full or comprehensive coverage for your car. While it’s more expensive on a monthly or annual basis than “liability only” policies, paying a little more each month could save you big time if you’re in an accident.

And, if you are still paying on a loan for your car, you may be required to maintain a comprehensive insurance plan until your loan is repaid.

Optional Types of Coverage Vary by Carrier and May Include:

● Full or comprehensive coverage

● Collision coverage

● Gap policies

● Medical coverage

● Roadside assistance service packages

● Rental car reimbursement

● Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

● And more


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What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Georgia?

Think paying for car insurance is expensive? Try driving without it and learn the hard way just how expensive things can be…

Drivers in Georgia are required, by law, to be insured and carry proof of their insurance at all times when operating their vehicles. Anyone caught driving without insurance or proof of insurance faces serious penalties including, but not limited to, suspension of their driver’s license, steep fines, and a “reinstatement fee” for driving as an “uninsured motorist.”

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Georgia

The state of Georgia has taken a hard stance on anyone who violates its laws regarding mandatory auto insurance coverage. Get caught without insurance or proof of insurance in Georgia and penalties include:

● First-time offenders face a 60-day suspension of their driver’s license and registration, a $25 lapse fee, a $60 reinstatement fee, and up to one year in jail.

● Second-time offenders face a 90-day suspension of their driver’s license and registration, a $25 lapse fee, a $60 reinstatement fee, and up to one year in jail.

● Those who break the car insurance law three or more times face a six-month suspension of their driver’s license and registration, a $25 lapse fee, a $160 reinstatement fee, and up to one year in jail.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia for Minimum Coverage

Sure, it’s not exciting to shop for car insurance. But it can be when you find a great deal on the coverage that you need!

When it comes to cheap auto insurance, your most affordable choice is going to be a liability-only policy. This way, you satisfy the legal requirement to have car insurance but you aren’t going to empty your wallet to do so.

But How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost in Georgia?

How much you’ll spend on car insurance in Georgia depends on a lot of different factors. Some of these include your driving record, the insurance company you choose, and any special insurance features you select.

Overall, though, data shows that Georgia drivers who opt for full coverage pay around $1,642 per year, or $137 per month, on average. Those who choose minimum coverage, in contrast, pay around $716 per year, or $60 per month, on average.


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What Determines Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

There are a whole variety of factors that go into calculating how much you pay for car insurance in Georgia. Some of those factors include:

● Your vehicle’s make and model

● Your driving habits

● Your age

● Your zip code

● Your marital status

● Your driving record

● And more

While insurance companies cannot discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, and credit score, there is some bias that can be seen when evaluating insurance premiums on these elements.

How Age Impacts Your Auto Insurance Premiums

While there isn’t any specific rule, many auto insurers tend to agree that the older you are (within reason), the less likely you are to have an accident and pose a financial risk to the insurance company.

For example, a 30-year-old with a family is likely, based on data, to be a more responsible driver than an 18-year-old newer driver. Additionally, younger drivers in Georgia have had less time to build up a good driving record, and they have less experience behind the wheel.

Because of this, premiums tend to decrease as you get older, until you reach a certain age where they start to go up again. Typically, premiums begin to slowly decrease in cost beginning at around 26 years old. They then start to go up again once you reach 60.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Younger Drivers in Georgia

Data shows that younger, teenage drivers pay more than twice as much in premiums as do 30-year-old drivers in Georgia. In addition, teens in Georgia pay an average of $4,231 more than the national average for car insurance!

We believe every driver deserves a fair chance at finding cheap car insurance. So, we work with a range of insurance providers to compare prices and find you the most affordable options to meet your needs.

How Location Impacts Your Car Insurance Premiums

The state you live in and your zip code affect the rates you’ll pay for car insurance. When determining rates, insurers lump together groups of drivers based on their location, and then use data such as crime rates and the number of accidents per capita in order to approximate your level of risk.

For example, the cost of auto insurance is usually higher in highly populated cities (such as Atlanta) than in more rural areas of the state.

Can You Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia with an At-Fault Accident on Your Record?

Is your driving record less than perfect? Have you been found at fault for one or more car accidents? If so, you may feel that cheap car insurance is beyond your reach.

Although it’s true that having a history of at-fault accidents can increase your premiums, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still shop around for the lowest prices available to you.

On average, our data shows that insurance providers increase rates by as much as $755 annually for those with an at-fault accident on their record in Georgia.

Can You Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia if You Have Bad Credit?

Millions of Americans — including tens of thousands of people in Georgia — have bad credit. With inflation on the rise and the cost of everyday essentials through the roof, many people have difficulty paying their bills.

But how does this affect your ability to qualify for cheap auto insurance?

Data shows that there’s a correlation between having bad credit and filing auto insurance claims, which leads many carriers to factor in things such as income and credit ratings for specific zip codes when pricing insurance. It may not be fair that this happens, but we don’t make the rules — we just work hard to help connect you with the best rates.

For example, industry data shows that drivers in Georgia with poor credit often pay up to $1,431 more annually than those with excellent credit.

How Does Marital Status Impact Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

While you may not think about it, whether you’re single or married can impact how much you pay for car insurance.

Insurance companies have found that, statistically speaking, married individuals are less likely to get into car accidents. This leads married couples to pay lower rates, making their car insurance policies cheaper than single individuals (with all other factors being equal).

How the Type of Car You Drive Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Your vehicle is one of the biggest factors car insurance companies use when calculating your premiums. For example, newer vehicles or luxury models are worth more than older, more basic models. If these vehicles are damaged or totaled in an accident, they will cost the insurance company more to repair or replace, leading to higher insurance premiums for you.

Additionally, sports cars cost more to repair and are at greater risk of being in accidents than, say, a family sedan. The cost to insure a sports car is going to be higher than the family sedan’s insurance rates.

How Much You Drive Plays a Role, Too

Just like the kind of car you drive can impact your premiums, the amount you drive can mean you pay more for insurance.

Drivers who put more than 20,000 miles per year on their odometers pay an average of 5% more per year than do those who drive 7,500 or less. Similarly, drivers who only use their cars for short, in-town errands pay less than those who commute to work daily.

Fewer miles and less time on the road, as well as less time spent on “high risk” roadways, means you pose less financial risk to the insurance company. They pass this lower risk on in lower premiums.

How Does Your Driving Record Impact Your Chances of Getting a Cheap Car Insurance Rate?

Having driving citations — including speeding tickets and car accidents — increases your risk profile and, as a result, your insurance premiums. But how much do specific violations increase your premiums?

Georgia Auto Insurance Rate Increases by Violation (Averages):

● One comp claim: 1%

● Not-at-fault accident: 1%

● Two comp claims: 2%

● Driving without lights: 13%

● Failure to wear a seatbelt: 1%

● Child safety restraint violation: 14%

● Failure to show documents: 17%

● Driving with expired registration: 22%

● Driving too slowly: 25%

● Speeding in a school zone: 25%

● Texting while driving: 25%

● Passing a school bus: 31%

● Reckless driving: 73%

● Driving with a suspended license: 85%

● DUI: 87%

● Leaving the scene of an accident/hit and run: 92%

*Examples are averages and vary depending on a particular carrier. This list is not exhaustive and is meant to give a representative sample of common traffic violations.

What’s the Cheapest Car Insurance After a DUI in Georgia?

The state of Georgia has taken a hard stance against driving while under the influence, and so have car insurance providers. In addition to facing hefty fines and penalties, you can expect to pay more for car insurance.

If you have a DUI on your record, you’re considered a “high-risk driver.” This means a cheap policy is pretty much out of reach. But, shopping around can help you find the best rates available to you. However, don’t be surprised if some insurance companies charge 116% more for coverage after a DUI.

At Insurance Navy, we work with a wide range of insurance companies to help you find the best rate possible.

SR-22 Insurance

After a DUI conviction, at-fault collision, driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, or having too many “points” on your license, you may be required to hold an SR-22 policy.

While it’s sometimes referred to as “insurance,” an SR-22 is more like a certificate or bond offered by the insurance company, providing assurance to the state that you have a certain amount of coverage if you’re in an accident.

What’s the Cheapest Auto Insurance for Georgia Drivers with Speeding Tickets?

Speeding, while a common violation, can have a negative impact on finding affordable car insurance. Depending on how much you were speeding, your rates could increase as much as 73% following a ticket.

But, there is some hope. While you’ll have to pay a higher rate right now, your rates should begin to go back down within 3 to 5 years after your ticket, provided you keep a clean record during that time.

Getting multiple quotes for car insurance can help you find the lowest price, and Insurance Navy can help.

The Best Car Insurance Rates for Safe Drivers in Georgia

Just as bad drivers pay more, insurance companies usually reward those with good driving records with lower rates. The definition of a “good driver” varies from company to company, but it typically involves having few or no blemishes on your driving record.

In addition to lower premiums, your driving record may qualify you for “safe driving” discounts, lower deductibles, and other perks!

Cheap Car Insurance Rates by City in Georgia

Your zip code has a big impact on how much you can expect to pay for car insurance. While we don’t have data on every city in Georgia, we can give you some numbers that may help.

Currently, the cheapest car insurance rates have been found for those who live in Auburn, GA, and the highest for those in Candler-McAfee, GA.

Average Auto Insurance Premium by City in Georgia:

● Auburn: $1,476

● Augusta: $1,904 per year

● Columbus: $1,995 per year

● Macon: $2,063 per year

● Savannah: $2,067 per year

● Atlanta: $2,322 per year

● Candler-McAfee: $2,460

The average auto insurance cost in Georgia actually decreased over the last year, by $4. This means a typical driver in Georgia pays $1,535 per year in car insurance.

Overall, prices in Georgia are more volatile than across the country. After the biggest one-year increase from 2011 to 2012, Georgia car insurance rates decreased from 2012 to 2013. In recent years, though, rates have stabilized.

Best Cities for Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

While you aren’t likely to move cities just to get a better car insurance rate, it can be helpful to know whether or not rates where you live are higher or lower than average.

In general, rural areas will almost always be cheaper than bigger cities.

The Best Cities for Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia:

Avondale EstatesLake Park
ClarkstonLakeview Estates
Country Club EstatesMoody AFB

*The cheapest annual rates for car insurance in Georgia’s largest cities and towns.

Tips for How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

Quote Comparison — One and One at Insurance Navy

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance in Georgia is to shop around. But it doesn’t have to be time-consuming!

At Insurance Navy, we work with a selection of the best insurance providers in the industry, getting you the best price and value across several carriers without you having to do any of the work. Submit one request for a price quote and we’ll connect you with the best policies for your budget and needs.

Understand How Factors Impact Your Rates

We’ve explored how various choices and circumstances can impact your auto insurance rates. While some can’t easily be changed (like getting married), you can use others to get better prices.

Choosing the Right Type of Coverage

At Insurance Navy, we take pride in helping you understand what types of policies are available and help you find the right policy for your needs. This way, you pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more.

Don’t Let Your Policy Lapse

Even if you aren’t driving a lot, don’t let your policy lapse. This can be a red flag for insurance providers at worst, but it also can break up a long history of good driving habits and drive up your prices.

Consider Uninsured Motorist Protection

Research has shown that around 13% of all Georgia drivers don’t have insurance. While uninsured motorist protection won’t decrease your premiums, it will help you save if you’re in an accident.

Find Cheap Auto Insurance at Insurance Navy!

Insurance Navy is dedicated to helping Georgia residents get the coverage they deserve at fair, affordable prices. Working as a broker, we connect Georgia drivers with a host of top insurance carriers, making quote comparisons and shopping around easy.

Find the perfect policy for your budget today, and get the coverage you deserve.

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