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Car Insurance Inspections

Some states, which we’ll soon talk about specifically, require vehicles to be inspected before receiving coverage or registering it with the DMV. Even if your state doesn’t require them, your auto insurance provider might.

Regardless of the requirement, having your car inspected every now and then will not only help keep your car in working condition for long, but it will also improve your safety on the road. It is a well-known statistic wherein drivers that bring their cars in for inspection are less likely to have trouble while driving. Some inspections can be required, as previously mentioned, or entail a fee. This post serves as your tell-all guide to vehicle inspections for car insurance.

When Are Car Insurance Inspections Required?

There are several different types of vehicle inspections. There is the emissions inspection with is often required by a state’s DMV, the pre-insurance inspection before you purchase a car, and the required car insurance inspections that are the main focus of this post.

A car insurance inspection can be required by your state’s DMV before you drive it for the first time. However, you must have a car insurance policy at this point. Having your car inspected without car insurance is a sure way to fail it. Your car may also need to get inspected after an accident.

What do Car Insurance Inspections Look For?

Car insurance companies look at multiple essential functions of your car to ensure that it is not a risk to drive. This includes tire pressure, suspension, brakes, exhaust output, and any strange noises caused by an internal problem. They will also make a note of any worn-out or loose parts that need replacing. As you can see, this is an inspection for all the essential functions a car must have in order to drive safely.

How Much Does a Car Insurance Inspection Cost?

Like with many aspects of insurance, the cost depends on the state. As previously mentioned, there are certain states that require car insurance inspections. Here are said states and how much their car insurance inspections cost:

  • Alabama - Car inspections cost $90.
  • Delaware - Car inspections cost $40.
  • D.C - Car inspections cost $35.
  • Hawaii - Car inspections cost $25.
  • Illinois - Car inspections cost $100 at max.
  • Louisiana - Car inspections cost $30 at max.
  • Maine - Car inspections cost $12.50.
  • Maryland - Car inspections cost $80.
  • Massachusetts - Car inspections cost $35.
  • Mississippi - Car inspections cost $75.
  • Missouri - Car inspections cost $12.
  • New Hampshire - Car inspections cost $50 at max.
  • New Jersey - Car inspections cost $50.
  • New York - Car inspections cost $15 at max.
  • North Carolina - Car inspections cost $13.60.
  • Pennsylvania - Car inspections cost $39.99.
  • Rhode Island - Car inspections cost $55.
  • Texas - Car inspections cost $7.
  • Utah - Car inspections cost $25.
  • Vermont - Car inspections cost $50 at max.
  • Virginia - Car inspections cost $51.
  • West Virginia - Car inspections cost $14.66.

Where Can You Find a Car Insurance Inspector Company?

Car insurance companies keep a list of approved car inspectors that they work with. The inspector company comes into play when a vehicle inspection is required by the state or when a claim is being filed, and they need photos of the damage.

The biggest national insurance providers all have a list of the inspection locations they give to their policyholders when they first start their coverage with them. If you don’t have it yet, then they will give it to you when you file a claim. Thanks to modern technology, car inspection companies are able to accurately pinpoint your car’s problems and rate its safety.

When Would You Know It’s Time to Get Your Car Inspected?

You can be required to get your car inspected either by your insurance provider or your state’s DMV. If you’re not sure if you have to take your car in for an inspection, reach out to them. While you may not be required by your state DMV, you may be required by your insurance provider.

The last thing you want is to file a collision insurance claim and have your insurance provider reject your claim because you didn’t get an inspection when you needed to. As long as you keep your car in working condition and drive safely, you never need to worry about failing your inspection.

What Are The Benefits of Car Insurance Inspections?

There are two major benefits of having your car inspected by an insurer or your state, less chance of getting into an accident and car insurance fraud. When it comes to accident prevention, car insurance inspections are on the front line keeping cars with faulty brakes, suspension, lights, and other essential functions off the road.

Of course, fewer accidents mean fewer insurance claims which result in lower auto premiums. So drivers that have their cars inspected also save on car insurance.

Having your car inspected before you get insurance can also provide a failsafe against insurance fraud. Even though brand new cars don’t require inspections, getting one can still help immensely.

The insurance provider will have a more clear idea of you and your car, and every inspection serves as a validation since only you can bring your insured car in for an inspection. Getting a car insurance inspection can also help you gauge how much auto coverage you will need.

How Can a Car Fail an Inspection?

We’ve already gone over the things that inspectors look for when seeing a car. So naturally, things like a suspension issue, flat tires, low battery, misaligned wheels, burned-out lights, and other internal issues the car may have will cause it to fail an inspection.

All these issues can severely affect a car’s safety, and insurance providers don’t like insuring vehicles that pose a high risk. Car insurance inspections aren’t usually for the aesthetics of the car, but if it is severe enough, they may not allow it to pass. At the end of the day, car insurance inspections are all about keeping unsafe cars off the road. Being a safe driver is only half the battle. You must have a reliable car in order to drive safely.

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