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How to Avoid Getting Towed When Your Car Has Broken Down on the Highway

How to Avoid Getting Towed When Your Car Has Broken Down on the Highway

Maintenance and inspections by your mechanic or dealership can help you avoid breakdowns. But it’s impossible to eliminate all risks of a problem. You must address a car that will not start or has difficulties after being towed so that the police do not have to deal with it. The cost of towing, as well as whether or not you want to be towed, must be considered. If you decide to be towed, get an estimate from as many businesses as possible so that you can save money on roadside assistance.

Get Off The Highway

The first thing you should try when driving in the rain is to move your vehicle off the main road and park it on a median, breakdown lane, shoulder, or parking lot. If your windshield is shattered as a result of trash or construction supplies from an adjacent property, it should be replaced. Calling for glass repair services as soon as possible after an accident can help you avoid future problems. It’s also a good idea to have your vehicle thoroughly examined for any underlying issues that might cause another accident. Before leaving your car for any length of time, whether on the highway or not, it is critical that you check for traffic. Avoid calling 9-1-1 and getting off the road while phoning around-the-clock roadside assistance.

Contact Roadside Assistance Services

The greatest way to deal with a car that breaks down while on the road is through emergency roadside assistance, which services include jump-starts, gasoline delivery, to full towing service up to a certain distance. There’s no danger of being towed if the problem can’t be fixed through normal roadside assistance. When the issue can’t be resolved by available roadside assistance, it’s time for a tow. Even if your roadside assistance coverage is in force, a monthly or yearly charge covers the expense of towing as long as you have an active policy, making it well worth paying a little extra. When you pay for towing and impoundment yourself, the expenses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Leave a Notice on The Car

You may need to get a ride from someone so you can arrange for a tow or roadside assistance away from the traffic. Instead of putting anything in your window or writing on the windshield, leave a note on the dashboard or some other highly visible location. Leave your contact info and the date you’ll return to your automobile or have it towed. If your vehicle is within a few feet of traffic, make a note because it will almost certainly be towed after how little time you spend in it.

Resolve it at Once

Because your automobile is considered abandoned, it will be towed away within one to two days. A police officer will affix a sticker to an abandoned vehicle, after which it will be picked up by a private towing business. Regardless of how long it takes to fill the car, you will be responsible for the towing company’s charge as well as impound fees if your automobile is towed away by a towing business. It’s preferable to use a tow truck yourself rather than hiring one after waiting 24 hours or more.

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