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24-Hour Car Insurance

In the United States, the typical annual car insurance premiums are $10 per day. Because not all firms provide one-day auto insurance plans, finding 24-hour vehicle insurance might be difficult. But it isn’t because of budget that drivers purchase 24-hour car insurance; it’s the circumstance of their vehicle ownership. Short-term car insurance is necessary for some drivers. If you’re one of those drivers, then consider this post your tell-all guide to buying, finding, and understanding 24-hour car insurance.

What Exactly is 24-Hour Car Insurance?

By the name alone, you can infer that 24-hour car insurance is auto coverage that is short-term –often for a day or up to a month in some cases. It is paid for at a daily rate and designed specifically for any short-term driver’s situation. However, not every insurance company may offer 24-hour or short-term car insurance. Because of this, finding such insurance involves some digging. 24-hour car insurance at affordable rates isn’t even close to impossible and can even be done online. If you regularly drive your car for more than days or weeks at a time, then a standard auto policy may be in your best interests.

How Much Does 24-Hour Car Insurance Cost?

As previously mentioned, 24-hour car insurance can be paid on a daily or weekly basis. Daily use rates average at around $10. The average standard car insurance is anywhere from $1,655 to $2,124 annually. Of course, car insurance cost is dependent on the driver and their vehicle and varies from each policyholder. The cost of 24-hour car insurance depends on how much the policyholder drives, so if they drive to the point of 24-hour premiums being greater than a standard policy –the 24-hour coverage has outlived its usefulness, and you’re ready to become a full-time driver.

What Drivers Commonly Buy 24-Hour Car Insurance?

24-hour car insurance is hardly ever the move for a regular car owner –it just wouldn’t be worth it. Here are the most common cases when drivers get daily car insurance:

  • Car renters - Individuals who are renting a car and don’t have another way to pay the rental fee should get 24-hour auto insurance.
  • Car borrowers - Another reason for needing 24-hour auto insurance is if you’re using someone else’s car and their policy does not include you as a driver.
  • New car purchase - 24-hour car insurance is a great insurance placeholder until you find a standard insurer that you are comfortable with. Car insurance is required in 49 out of 50 states, so cars are always meant to be insured.

Are There Any Restrictions of 24-Hour Car Insurance

24-hour car insurance is relatively easy to get if you do your research and gather as many quotes as you can. Every insurer prices its policies differently, and you can take advantage of that. Typically, 24-hour car insurance can only be bought for drivers over 21. Younger drivers can’t get cheap car insurance until they have more of a driving record. Some companies may not even offer 24-hour car insurance to any driver under 25.

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