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When to File a Car Insurance Claim

When you file a car insurance claim with your insurance provider or someone else’s, it’s because you are in need of a payout following a car accident. Drivers often exchange insurance information even if none of them are sure they will file a claim, so they always have the option. However, people are unsure about going through with claims because it can cause insurance rates to rise. So, the main question a lot of drivers have is when “is it worth it to file a claim?”

Fender benders are one of the biggest examples of where drivers decide upon a cash settlement and don’t enact their insurance policies. If the damage or injuries are more severe, then it’s more likely that insurance will be used. Sometimes, you may even want to report the little accidents to your insurance company because if a driver you hit discovers more damage, you’ll be on the line for it.

When Filing a Claim Would be Unnecessary

You should always file a claim following an accident, but there are some instances where it isn’t entirely necessary. Let’s say you only carry liability coverage, and no one was hurt in what was a minor accident. You wouldn’t be able to receive a payout for the car damage, so the claim is better left unfiled. Your rates would stay the same because of it. Of course, you never need to file a claim if you accidentally hit an inanimate object which no one owns, like a tree or rock. You wouldn’t want your rates to rise because of something like this.

When Filing a Claim Would be Necessary

Claims should be filed especially when another driver was involved, and there were injuries. Your insurance company should absolutely know if you caused someone harm while on the road. It goes beyond just rising premiums at that point. Some drivers carry accident forgiveness on their auto policy which will keep their rates the same even after a first-time accident claim. Accident forgiveness can only be used when a claim is filed.

How to File The Claim

It’s something no one wants to do, but it’s still essential to understand the insurance claim process. Your first step is to contact your insurance provider or agent and provide them with any information they require. You should share any photographs or documentation you have, as it can assist in claims processing.

A personal injury lawyer can examine the accident to determine who is at fault and how much you will get compensated. If you want your policy to cover any damage or theft that occurred as a result of your carelessness, you’ll need to upgrade it. This entails looking over your car and calculating the cost of repairs. Then you’ll either receive payment from the insurance company or have the business pay directly.

Accidents are an unfortunate part of life for many drivers, but they should be a rarity for you. It’s a critical component of being an informed consumer to know when you don’t need to file claims and when you must.

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