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What is Included in Emergency Roadside Service?

What is included in emergency roadside service

One of the best things about emergency roadside assistance services is how quickly they can get you back up and running again if you’re commuting to something major like picking up your kid from school, running late for work, or even rushing someone to the hospital. There are times when you can’t afford to wait around for help, and that is what emergency roadside services come in. You can add coverage for such services to your auto insurance policy.

But, what kind of roadside services are covered by this type of insurance? The following services are:

  • Tow services - A tow truck can rescue you when your car breaks down and becomes stranded.
  • Locked keys in - It happens to the best -being locked out of your car because the keys are inside. A locksmith will come to your aid thanks to emergency assistance.
  • Gas drop-off - Maybe you forgot to fill up on gas before a long trip and need fuel delivered on the spot. An emergency service that is covered by insurance is fuel delivery.
  • Flat tire replacement - If you already used your car’s spare tire or didn’t have one, then emergency roadside service can get you a new tire.

Ask your insurance agent about whether they offer emergency roadside services today!

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