Car Trek: Vehicle Information To Update When Moving To A New State

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Moving can be just as exciting as it is nerve-racking, no matter where your new destination is. Whether it be in a new neighborhood five minutes away, or a new state five hours away. To make the whole process less stressful, we’ve compiled this list of the key vehicle information to update when moving to a new state. Because, although Insurance Navy is here to help with affordable car insurance, that’s not the only thing we can help you with.

What Vehicle Information Should You Update Before Moving To A New State?


1. Your Current Auto Insurance Policy

The time in which you have to do this varies by state, so be sure to read up on what your destination requires. That’s why it’s always good to get this kind of stuff done, or at least prepared, as early as you possibly can. 
Your current insurance provider may or may not be able to cover you in your new state. So, let your insurance agent know about your move as soon as you can. That way, either your insurance provider will help update your policy because they are licensed in your new state, or you’ll have to seek out a new provider if they are not. 
Quick tip, establish your new policy before cancelling your current policy. We’re dedicated to finding you the best affordable car insurance options, so be sure to give us a call if you’re looking for new coverage. Cheap auto insurance can be hard to find, however, cheap auto insurance is not impossible to find. That’s why we’re here help you out.
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2. Your License Plate

When moving to a new state, you cannot carry your same license plate. So, you’ll have to update it prior to your trek. The license plate registration process is not the same for each state. It’s also important to know that you can’t just toss your old license plate in the trash bin. Research your state’s preferred method of license plate disposal before getting rid of it.

3. Your Driver’s License

Like everything on this list, if and when it should be done vary by the specific state you’re moving to. This activity is very simple to accomplish, all you have to do is visit your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).
There are several things that you will have to bring with you. These include some form of identification (whether it be driver’s license or state ID), your social security card, and some sort of proof showing that you are a resident of the state. You can use pay stubs, utility bills, and other forms showing your home address for this. 
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4. Your Car’s Title

Once you’ve updated your driver’s license, you’ll next have to update your car’s title. A car title proves that you have ownership over the designated vehicle. You can get this process done by visiting a title office, though you may want to look into your new state’s requirements to make sure that you do need to get this done prior to moving. 

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