Uber Rewards Program Starts In Select Cities


Uber announced a new rewards program that users have been wanting for years. The Uber rewards program will reward rideshare users with Uber credits and elite status which also offers perks. Currently, the rewards program is only available in eight states and New Jersey.

The program is free but users have to enroll in the program through the Uber App. Once users are enrolled in the program, they can start earning points on Uber rides and UberEats orders.

Rewards members receive:

  • 1 point per eligible dollar spent on UberPool and UberEats
  • 2 points per eligible dollar spent on UberX, Uber XL, Select and WAV
  • 3 points per eligible dollar spent on UberBlack, Black SUV and Lux

Points are worth 1 cent apiece in Uber credit. Rewards members get a $ Uber Cash Credit for every 500 points. Tips are not counted toward point building. The credit that may be used for Uber rides and UberEats. There is no limit on how many points an Uber user can collect. Uber will also review ride history for six months prior to enrollment and apply eligible rides toward your rewards status.

Uber Rewards Tiers

The rewards program has four tiers: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Riders have six months to hit status. The earning period starts the day they join Uber Rewards.


The Blue tier does not have a point minimum and gives users access to earning points that can be used for Uber rides and UberEats orders.


When users reach 500 points, they are upgraded to Uber Gold. Uber gold offers refunds for $5 cancellation fee if you rebook a ride within 15 minutes.


At 2,500 points users are eligible for Uber Platinum. which offers Gold benefits and price protection on a route between two of favorite places. Platinum members also receive priority pickups at airports.


When Uber users reach 7,500 points, they receive Gold and Platinum benefits and premium support with and 24/7 responses from customer service representatives. Riders also get free upgrade surprises from UberX and Uber Black, service by the highest-rated drivers in the area and free delivery with Uber Eats orders every six months.


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