Tips For Securing Home Windows

Windows are a vital part of any household. They let fresh air and sunlight into the house, but for as much good as they bring they can be used for bad. Windows can be an entrance for individuals doing bad things. Here are some tips for securing your home windows.

Window Locks

Windows often come with standard latches on them when installed. These locks aren’t going to keep out someone determined to get in. These locks can be broken quite easily so look into getting some different ones.

One of the locks you can look into getting is a keyed lock. You can put these locks on the window and the only way to unlock it is by using a key. You just have to keep the key nearby just in case of an emergency. Another option is a security bar, also known as a Charley bar. It helps keep the window from sliding open because it adjusts to the length of the window track.

Another option for the window is a hinged wedge lock. It can prevent someone from opening the window from outside even if the window is somewhat open. All you have to do is move the slider to the side and you can open it more.


Along with the locks, you can install barriers over the window for added protection. You can use security screens to keep people out. A security window screen can look like a screen that prevents insects. However, this screen is stronger and provides better protection against things thrown at it.

Security bars are also another way to protect your house. You can put these on either the casing of the window, the actual frame or even the walls around the window. As long as these bars are installed correctly, they should only be able to open from the inside.

Tech Devices

Outside of all these things for the window, getting a home security system is the best deterrent for thieves. There are security companies that can provide you with a system that can offer different levels of protection. Those can be a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for alternatives you have options. You can purchase a variety of items to install in your house. This can include security cameras, motion sensors, window sensors, and doorbell cameras.

Most of these products can be purchased at a local hardware store. Depending on the items you buy, they can also connect to your smartphone if there is an app for it. Motion detector sensors and lights should be placed in areas where someone may try to enter or sneak around because there’s no light source. Window alarms despite being a great deterrent can have loud alarms that can even wake up your neighbors.

Using these tips will allow you to provide the best security for your house. It is a valuable possession where you should take caution seriously, no matter what. So always protect it with homeowners insurance as best you can.