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Things to do in Harvey

Harvey, IL is a nice little village bordered by several others in Cook County. There is a claim to fame here as a filming location for the cars chase in the Blues Brothers at the now-demolished Dixie Square Mall. Harvey really has had no big-name attractions or landmarks since then, but the majority of the activities here are nature-orientated.

Gensburg-Markham Prairie

This unique tallgrass prairie is managed by both Northeastern Illinois University and The Nature Conservancy. The grass is described as high-quality, with several restorations still underway. The prairie runs for about 105 acres and is part of the larger Indian Boundary Prairies. This is the ideal place to learn about prairie restoration and how they grow throughout the seasons.

Gensburg-Markham Prairie

15525 Mozart Ave,

Markham, IL 60428

Just four miles from Harvey

Kickapoo Woods

Woodlands is another nature setting that Harvey and the areas around it have. Kickapoo Woods offers a more tree-heavy environment with amenities like a picnic area, canoe landing, a trail one mile long, and a toy airplane and kite flying field. The Little Calumet River runs through the preserve, giving some areas a wetlands-like appearance.

Kickapoo Woods

Halstead St, South of W 144th St,

Riverdale, IL 60827

Just two miles from Harvey

Sand Ridge Nature Center

The largest nature preserve and center closest to Harvey is the Sand Ridge. This nature center notably has a focus on animals, too, with several displays and a butterfly garden. A whole day can be spent on the center’s four walking trails –one of which is a boardwalk over wetlands that is a guest favorite. Green Lake is also a fishing hotspot with bass and sunfish and a small waterpark on the premise.

Sand Ridge Nature Center

15891 Paxton Ave,

South Holland, IL 60473

Just two and a half miles from Harvey