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Things to Do in Cicero Illinois

Cicero is a historic town in the Chicagoland area. Cicero, IL, has been an aerodrome city, the refuge of Al Capone, and the site of several civil rights battles. Today, Cicero is a diverse community with a booming commercial sector. Several of their old buildings still stand today. While Cicero doesn’t have any high-tier attractions, it’s a fantastic leisure and shopping destination. Here are some of the top sights that you can shave a few hours at in Cicero, IL.

Oak Park Conservatory

Nearby in Oak Park, their Conservatory is a local favorite. Oak Park, along with Berwyn, were once part of Cicero but voted to split off. This was over 100 years ago, but it tells you how close the Oak Park Conservatory is to Cicero. The Conservatory is known for its still-standing Edwardian design and cactus collection. Their plant specimens come from all sorts of biomes, from the tropical rainforest to the outback deserts. Of course, they also have an Illinois native plants exhibit. Ponds are decorated with water foliage and inhabited by koi and turtles.

The Oak Park Conservatory is located at 615 Garfield St, Oak Park, IL, no more than five miles from Cicero, IL.

South Harlem Ave

South Harlem Avenue starts in the north suburb of Glenview and ends in Peotone, a little over 40 miles from the city of Chicago. As one of Chicagoland’s major streets, business owners are eager to get a retail space on it. Restaurants, shops, and music venues are frequent around Cicero for a night out on the town. Cicero is actually a pretty good halfway point of the 54-mile journey down the road for anyone making the full trek.

Hawthorne Works

One of Cicero’s historical buildings is the Hawthorne Works. Back in the day when Cicero was still known as Hawthorne, the Western Electric Company ran the Works from 1905 to 1983. The factory also specialized in manufacturing. Today, only one tower of the original facility is left standing, with a shopping center and movie theater nearby. There is also an onsite museum about the Hawthorne Works throughout its history.

Hawthorne Works is located at 4629 W Cermak Rd, Cicero, IL.

Clyde Park District

Clyde Park’s pool and soccer fields are a pillar to the community of Cicero. They have youth activities and a playground. The pool is open seasonally with a sprinkler and depth level for all ages. They also have a fieldhouse for additional youth sports training.

Clyde Park District is located at 2724 S 61st Ave, Cicero, IL.

Rehm Park

Rehm Park in nearby Oak Park underwent renovations last year and reopened to glowing reviews. The facilities include a dog training camp, a tree farm, a public pool, and a playground. The playground is loved by children because of their little crank-powered trains with the track circling the jungle gym. Rehm Park is located right next to the Oak Park Conservatory on Garfield St, so visitors can do both in one day.

Rehm Park is located at 1000 S Scoville Ave in Oak Park, IL, no more than five miles from Cicero, IL.

Barrie Park

Barrie Park is a popular summertime and winter destination for field activities and sledding. When there’s no snow, children can still roll down the moderately steep slopes of their hills. Barrie Park is also along Garfield St in Oak Park, not far from Cicero. Families can do truly do park crawls here.

Barrie Park is located at 1011 S Lombard Ave, Oak Park, IL, no more than five miles from Cicero, IL.

Smirz Park

Smirz Park, close by Berwyn, is a great playground for the smaller ones. For the older stuntmen, there is a skate park. The short trails around the park go over a pleasant creek and can be biked on.

Smirz Park is located at 3400 Highland Ave, Berwyn, IL, no more than three miles from Cicero, IL.