The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Rental Car


Car rental companies rotate their stock regularly and are able to offer used rental vehicles at a great discounted price. Before you are convinced that you are getting a good deal by a low sticker price, take a look at why this price is considerably lower than other used cars.

Most car rental vehicles are no more than 18 months old. However, during the course of that time, they have had more drivers than a car probably has in its lifetime.

Rental cars accumulate more drivers and miles faster than any other used car. Rental vehicles have mileages anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000. Rental company Avis estimates a car is rented an average of 55 to 65 times annually.

Rental companies buy their cars in bulk to get the maximum amount of savings. To reduce costs, companies often buy the basic models. Used rental cars may not have the extra features you may be looking for in a car.

Rental cars are driven by people who have no ownership or responsibility for the vehicle. Because they have no ties to the car, they are more likely to mistreat them. Rental companies are aware of this issue and some offer their own warranties that often include roadside assistance on top of any remaining manufacturer warranty to protect a purchase.

Enterprise, the largest rental-car company in the country gives used rental car buyers seven days to decide if they are satisfied with the car. Hertz and Budget offer overnight test drives for potential buyers that need a little more time to think a purchase over.

Enterprise and Hertz also offer a limited power train warranty that covers the engine and transmission for 12,000 miles or a year, whichever comes first. If there is a remaining manufacturer warranty, the warranty will transfer to the new owner at the time of purchase.

If a rental car is involved in an accident or needs a repair job, rental companies are also more likely to use more economical shops that may not always result in the best quality. It is not uncommon to find used rental cars that have questionable body work done.

New or used, it is important to check the CarFax history report and check to see if the vehicle is listed for any safety recalls.


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