Thanksgiving 2020: Home For The Holidays

Typically, Thanksgiving involves gathering with loved ones, sharing a large meal, and being thankful for what the year has brought. Sadly in 2020, Thanksgiving will not be the same for most people. Turkey day will certainly look and feel very different from the years past due to the ongoing pandemic. Some people will have significantly reduced party sizes, including not even gathering at all. This post will go over the safest ways for you to celebrate the ultimate food holiday.

putting some distance between you and guests can help curb the spread of COVID at your Thanksgiving 2020 dinner

Smaller Party Size

Due to the ongoing pandemic, health officials across the country are advising people to stay home and keep gatherings small and outdoors if possible for the holiday.  I know it sounds strange for some people to spend at least some of the holiday outdoors, but it’s really the best way to not spread COVID-19.

Instead of having people sit indoors, consider changing things up for Thanksgiving 2020. A nice family walk or hike promotes good health and bonding. Plus, with the way we eat on this holiday, we could use a little exercise.

If you must have a gathering indoors, please leave enough space in between people. Another great way to reduce the chances of spreading the virus is to leave some windows open for ventilation.

virtually gathering is the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

Virtual Gathering

If you are choosing to play it safe this year by not gathering with family for Thanksgiving, consider a virtual gathering. Since we live in such a high tech era, we ought to take advantage of it. 

Most smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices are capable of live video chatting. This makes gathering with loved ones safe and responsible, despite not actually being in the same room.

And for those wondering how you can still retain some of the Thanksgiving food magic, you just need to get creative. One thing you can do is have everyone cook off the same recipe so that you are all enjoying a similar meal together. Just make sure you save room for dessert!

Dining-in, Outside, Neither Is Likely

For many families, Thanksgiving is a holiday best spent at a restaurant, where someone does the cooking for you. Well, that may not be a great option this year, nor will it be possible in some parts of the country. So far, several states have tightened their restrictions on dining-in or outside of restaurants/bars. 

If you live in a state that either is closing down restaurants for dine-in, it is very likely they will still carry out. At least with carry-out you still don’t have to cook, and clean up does not involve much dish washing. 

However, with the way the COVID-19 cases continue to rise, dining in is not a great option even if it is available. If you must dine-in, try to avoid the busiest restaurants for your family health and others. Just because things feel different this year due to COVID, does not mean we need to be reckless or carefree.