Stranger Things: How Homeowners Insurance Can Help You After Demogorgon Attacks

On July 4th, the third season of Stranger Things hits Netflix, giving fans another hefty helping of demon mayhem. Stranger Things is a series that connects with many fans’ nostalgia, which makes the terror of monsters like the Demogorgon or The Mind Flayer feel that much more real and frightening. So, in honor of Stranger Things season 3, we’ve created this guide on how affordable homeowners insurance can help you if your home comes under siege from the nefarious, yet undeniably cool, Demogorgon threat.
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It’s very important to know that not all policies may protect you specifically from Demogorgons or other supernatural beings, so ask your current provider beforehand if they do. After you ask this question, if they laugh at you and hang up, don’t worry, this is normal. Simply call back and assure them you are very serious about your demonic inquiries. 
So, take a look at this guide to the nitty-gritty details of purchasing homeowners insurance and determine which policy and/or additional coverages are right for you.

1. Personal Property Coverage

 Firstly, personal property insurance, or “contents insurance” assures that any personal items destroyed or stolen during your encounters will be covered by your insurance.
Personal items covered by this policy include: 
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Artwork
  • Decor
  • Dishes
  • Tools
  • Refrigerator and pantry contents
  • Sporting goods and toys

2. Home Value Coverage

With this coverage, your insurance company can cover the cost of replacing your home in the event of it being considered a total loss. However, that’s only if it’s caused by a peril that is covered under your specific homeowners insurance policy. In some cases, policies will cover detached structures like garages, tool sheds, etc. 
It’s important to know that when your insurance provider determines the cost to replace your home, it will not be the same price as the home’s market value. That being said, certain companies will offer something called “guaranteed home value coverage”. Never heard of it? Essentially, your insurance company will cover the difference if the expenses required to rebuild your home exceed the estimated cost. 
Additionally, it’s important to know whether or not your home is being insured for its proper value. To make sure that you are, follow these three key steps: 
  • Provide your insurance agent with detailed information about the size and features of your home.
  • Review your homeowners policy once a year to make sure your coverage is keeping up with inflation.
  • Increase your coverage when you remodel or make significant changes to your home. Remodeling usually increases the value of a house. Any renovation that increases the property’s value is also likely to increase the insurance premium.
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3. Living Expenses Coverage

If your encounter renders your home unlivable, this coverage helps cover the costs of hotel bills, meals, and other expenses. Of course, this policy has limits attached to it so be sure to ask your insurance provider beforehand exactly what it is they will cover.

4. Personal Liability Coverage

Personal Liability Insurance covers: 
  • Lawsuits
  • Bodily injury to an individual
  • Property damage
This type of coverage is included in all home insurance policies and
 can protect your assets by covering claims and damages resulting from an accident. Personal liability coverage also includes medical bills, legal fees and other protections. However, this is only valid up to your coverage limits.

5. Medical Payments

This covers injuries sustained by a visitor while on your property. That’s why it’s important to take pictures and write down as much information at the scene of the incident as possible. It typically covers smaller claims, with most limits attached to homeowners insurance policies ranging between $1,000-5,000.

6. Other Structures

This coverage protects additional structures that are separate from your home, but are located on your property. These include barns, sheds, detached garages, fences, and guesthouses. 
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More Information

So, not only are you now ready to binge the heck out of Stranger Things season 3, you’re also potentially ready for a Demogorgon attack. Well, the aftermath at least. Again, it’s good to discuss supernatural perils with your insurance provide personally before assuming they’ll help you out.

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