Storm Damage: How & When To File A Claim

On Monday, the Chicagoland area was hit with strong wind and a small appearance from a tornado in Rogers Park. Now that the storm has done its damage, we begin the process of cleaning up debris and fallen trees. Luckily authorities reported no major injuries or deaths caused by the storm, which means many people took the threat of a tornado seriously. But for those who had no plan or did not know what to do, preparing for a tornado is similar to other disasters. In this post I will go over ways to prepare for a tornado or storm, and how to file insurance claims.

What Happened On Monday.

Around 4 o’clock this past Monday, a large storm made its way through the Chicagoland area. The winds were so intense they uprooted trees in some areas, such as the one pictured to the left taken in Oak Lawn. Other pictures show fallen trees crushing cars (hopefully they had coverage), and even a tornado captured on video outside of Roger’s Park.

According to the Sun-times, about 100,000 Chicago residents lost power Monday afternoon with some still without it back on.  Thankfully, authorities reported few injuries and no fatalities, which means people took it seriously.

What To Do When A Tornado Hits

If and when a large storm, especially a tornado, happens you should take shelter immediately. For those with a basement, shelter yourselves there until the storm passes. If you do not have a basement, your next best option is a sturdy table or bench. You do not want to be in a car or outside before or during a bad storm or tornado, but if it happens, quickly find shelter.

Filing Insurance Claim: Car

Hopefully the storm spared your car, but as you have surely seen, others were no so lucky. The sad thing is, if a vehicle’s owner does not have comprehensive coverage, insurance may not cover it. In other words, if you have liability coverage, and a tree or other object fell on your car this past Monday, you might be paying out of pocket. Storm damage to your vehicle is no joke and it can happen anytime really. 

Filing Insurance Claim: Home

With such strong wind gusts so many homes in and around the Chicago area likely suffered some damage. Whether it was roof shingles flying off, or a tree crashing down on your property, storm damage can be expensive. Luckily though, a standard homeowner’s policy covers certain storm damage. For example, if a tree falls over and hits your home, garage, or shed, you can file a claim.