How To Remove Stickers Without Leaving A Mess

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Have you ever bought something, whether it be a Blu ray, book, or other products, only to discover a tricky sticker attached that refuses to come off? Or even worse, if it comes off and leaves behind a total mess of paper and glue. To help you avoid this sticky situation, here is a guide for how to remove paper stickers without causing a mess.

How To Remove Stickers – The Hairdryer Method

You can find tutorials on how to remove stickers all over the web and suffice it to say, some methods are far messier than others. While various methods do work, there is one specific method that seems to leave the smallest mess while still being successful in removing those pesky stickers. Out of all the methods of removing a sticker or sticker residue, using a hairdryer is the way you want to go. It’s an odd method for sure but it is helpful, while not getting goo gone or eyeglass cleaner all over you and your product.

To successfully remove a sticker using a hairdryer, the obvious first step is to plug in your hairdryer and set that stickered product on a stable surface. Use the hairdryer to heat up the sticker, specifically the glue clinging to your precious purchase. Blow the hairdryer on the sticker for a solid minute or two.

After that, find something you can use to scrape off the sticker. This could be a ruler, credit card, coin, or any other object that you can use to get under that sticker. Knives are an option but we recommend using the less dangerous products first.

Once you have your scraper ready to go, carefully begin scraping the sticker off by getting it under one end of the sticker and slowly peeling or scraping it from the surface. If done perfectly, this should easily remove that sticker on the first try. However, if that adhesive refuses to fully clean off, don’t worry just yet. Use the hairdryer to heat up the sticker and glue once more. After that, go in again and scrape that sucker off.

Still Having Trouble?

If for some reason there is still some glue left behind, I recommend using a very small amount of goo gone, olive oil, or alcohol. Dab it on a paper towel. Then, lightly rub off the remaining glue. Unless you have some sort of supernaturally-bound sticker on your book, this should be the last plan of attack you have to make against the sticker.

Now, you should be ready to go. As someone who loves to collect Blu rays with cool cover art, I’ve had to deal with the plague that is paper stickers quite often. So, as someone who has had to deal with that frustration, hopefully this quick, easy guide to removing them will help you bypass that stress I, and many others, have had to go through.

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