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Speed Ratings on Tires

Speed Ratings on Tires

The maximum speed at which a tire may function correctly is denoted using one to two-letter tire speed ratings. It might be able to go faster than the rating, but doing so puts the tire under strain, affecting the handling and control.

For example, a tire’s Q rating specifies its capacity to sustain speeds of up to 99 mph. On the tire, you may be able to travel as fast as 110 mph, but you risk losing control of the car and having an accident. As a result, keep an eye on your tire speed rating.

How Are Tires Rated H or V?

If you have performance-touring tires on your sports car or sports sedan coupe, it’s very likely that you drive a sports car. Your car’s speed rating is indicated by the letter H or V after the number five on its tires. These tires were made to function at high speeds. The H-rated wheels can sustain speeds of up to 130 mph, making them suitable for a sports sedan coupe. Sports cars require V-rated tires that can endure speeds up to 149 mph.

What is an S And T Tire Speed Rating?

S and T-rated tires are usually common in vans and sedans. An S tire goes up to 112 mph while a T goes to 118.

What is The Best Rating a Tire Can Get?

It varies depending on the car you have. Sedans and minivans are the most common T-rated vehicles, whereas sports sedan coupes H are the typical choice for H-rated wheels. V-rated tires are common on sports cars. However, obtaining wheels with a W or Z rating can help you go faster. A W-rated tire can get a vehicle up to 168 mph, whereas a Z-rated tire may propel it up to 186 mph. Unless you’re racing high-performance sports vehicles, you’ll most likely not need wheels with such a high-speed rating.

Why do We Have These Ratings?

We have tire speed ratings to mark the threshold speed at which certain tires can safely travel.

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