In order to complete an accurate SR 22 quote, Insurance Navy needs the following information.

First and last name

The first and last name provided will be compared to the driver’s license information and driving record to confirm an applicant’s identity.

Phone number

Your number will be kept on file for courtesy payment reminder calls and courtesy policy renewal calls.


Your email will be kept on file to send you newsletters and information about special promotions or events.

Date of birth

Young drivers usually pay more for an SR 22.


Women have few car accidents compared to men and typically pay less for their SR 22s because they are lower risk. Males are also statistically more aggressive drivers.


With an address Insurance Navy, can find the rate of stolen cars, vandalism and claim numbers filed in that particular region. If you own a home, you may benefit from lower rates.

Employment Information

Insurance Navy will ask for employment information for a number of reasons. Some professions are linked to lower accident rates. Insurance Navy also wants to ensure the vehicle is not being used for work-related activities.


If you have a car, you will need the VIN. A VIN is a car’s 17 digit identification number. The VIN tells our agents important information like the body style, braking system, engine type, series of vehicle, restrain system, recalls and other information.

Marital Status

Marital status is required for every quote. Marital status will not affect an SR22.

 Driver’s license and driving record

*Insurance Navy will need to verify driver licenses. If drivers do not have a driver’s license, they can still obtain an SR 22.