At Insurance Navy, we offer affordable and quality 24/7 roadside assistance because we want you to feel protected in your automobile no matter where or when you are driving.
With our 24/7 roadside assistance and 17 Chicagoland locations, Insurance Navy will be there quickly, no matter the time or day.
Our roadside assistance includes:
24 Hour emergency towing service:
Your vehicle is towed to the destination of your choice.
24 Hour road service:
This coverage extends into Canada.
24 Hour emergency delivery:
A service truck will deliver emergency gasoline, water, oil, or other necessary supplies. With roadside assistance you only pay for the cost of the supplies.
24 Hour emergency battery service:
You are covered for batteries jump starts and minor changes to alternators, starters, etc.
Auto rental reimbursement:
If repairs are needed for your car after an accident, roadside assistance will reimburse the cost of renting a car during the repair period.
Do you need more information about roadside assistance? Our agents and customer service representatives are here to help. Call us today at 1-888-949-6289 or visit your nearest Insurance Navy location. For your convenience, Insurance Navy is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST, 7 days a week.
*Please review your own policy carefully for details on roadside assistance. Roadside assistance varies by contract.