Damage to the vehicle or property caused by a collision or impact with any object.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

These are basic services available to assist disabled vehicles on the road. For instance, the services will allow the vehicle to become mobile again.

Commercial Vehicle

A trade or business vehicle that’s used for delivering products. This also includes services with the industry.

Disabled Vehicle

A vehicle that has become disabled that it is unable to operate. For instance, mechanical failure and engine fire. Including flooding that doesn’t inflict on the vehicle cabin. This also includes a malicious act on the vehicle.

Mechanical Breakdown

A mechanical malfunction that makes the vehicle unsafe to use. As well as making it inoperable.

Minor Mechanical Repairs

Minor and/or temporary solutions to repair the vehicle to make them operable for a short time.

Pre-existing Condition

An issue that a professional has diagnosed. Which will cause the vehicle to experience ongoing malfunction.


The transportation of a vehicle by a tow truck.