Accident: Damage to the vehicle or property caused by a collision or impact with any object.

Emergency Roadside Assistance: An assortment of basic services available to assist disabled vehicles becomes mobile again.

Commercial Vehicle: A trade or business vehicle that is used only for delivering products and services associated with the industry.

Disabled Vehicle: A vehicle that has become disabled in such that it is unable to be driven safely due to; mechanical failure, engine fire, flooding that doesn’t inflict on the vehicle’s cabin, or malicious act.

Mechanical Breakdown: A vehicle that makes the car unsafe or inoperable due to mechanical malfunction that has occurred during operation of the vehicle.

Minor Mechanical Repairs: Minor and/or temporary solutions to repair the vehicle in an effort to make them operable for a short time.

Pre-existing Condition: A pre-existing condition of a vehicle an issue that a professional has diagnosed that causes the vehicle to experience ongoing malfunction.

Tow(s): A vehicle transporting another vehicle with appropriate equipment.