Living Expenses


Additional living expenses coverage pays for the costs of living away from home. For instance, if you cannot live in your home because of an event that’s covered under your homeowners insurance. This covers hotel bills, meals, furniture rentals and other costs. However, this is only while your home is under repair or being rebuilt.

Additional living expenses have limits and some policies have time limitations. Also, these limits are separate from the amount available to rebuild or repair your home.

Additional living expenses coverage will cover rent from a tenant. This is only if they rented a section of the house.

It is very important to stay organized and also track every expense. For instance, make sure to save all your receipts so the reimbursement process is easier. To avoid problems with your insurance company, review your homeowner’s policy. You can have written approval for expenses that aren’t covered.

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*Please review your own policy for details on homeowners insurance. Homeowner’s insurance varies by insurance company and policy.