Tow Specific


Garage keepers legal liability insurance

Garage keepers Legal Liability insurance provides coverage in the event a vehicle is damaged by fire or vandalism, is stolen, or is involved in a collision while it is parked or stored as part of a service.

Policyholders must select coverage limits and deductibles for garage keepers legal liability insurance.

On-hooking insurance

On-Hook Towing insurance will pay for damages caused to a vehicle while it is being towed or hauled.

Policyholders must select both a limit and a deductible and is only available for policyholders who have commercial auto liability insurance.

On-hook towing insurance is only offered to:

  • Towing or service station companies
  • Trucking for hire businesses

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*Please review your own policy for details on your commercial auto coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.