Specialty Coverage


Non-owned car

If business employees sporadically use personal cars for business-related errands, a non-owned policy is a valuable coverage option for a company. Non-owned car coverage provides liability insurance if these employees are involved in a car accident.  if one of those employees were involved in an accident. Limits for non-owned car coverages are the same as the liability limits on a commercial auto insurance policy.

Any auto

Auto coverage provides liability insurance for hired cars, non-owned cars, and any other car purchased during an insurance term. In order to purchase Any Auto coverage, the policyholder cannot have Hired Auto or Non-Owned coverages. Any Auto coverage does not provide comprehensive or collision coverage.

Hired auto

If a business uses a car for business purposes and it is not listed on the commercial auto policy, hired auto coverage may be necessary for liability protection.  In order to purchase hired auto coverage, a policyholder must have liability commercial auto insurance. The limits for hired auto coverage are the same as the liability limits on the commercial auto policy.

Drive other car

If employees or business owners need to borrow, rent or lease a car for business purposes, Drive Other car coverage extends the coverages on a commercial auto policy to those cars. The limits for driver other car coverages are the same as the limits on the commercial auto policy.  

Single deductible endorsement

A Single Deductible endorsement is a free endorsement that is automatically added to a commercial auto policy that protects policyholders if they are in an accident that requires multiple deductibles to be paid. With this endorsement, the policyholder only pays the highest deductible and the insurance provider covers the others.

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*Please review your own policy for details on your commercial auto coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.