Liability Insurance


Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Firstly, commercial auto liability insurance is a requirement by law in Illinois for commercial vehicles. It includes bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage. This protects a driver from financial liability.

Bodily injury coverage will cover hospital and medical bills. This includes rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, and funeral expenses. It also includes lost earnings, pain and suffering. As well as other expenses, up to the policy limits.

Property damage will pay to repair or replace damaged physical property. However, only up to policy limits.

Liability insurance will pay for your legal defense costs if sued. It also requires you to select limits. These limits determine the amount your insurance company will pay. In case you need to use the insurance coverage. 
You can combine these limits or split them. In a commercial auto policy, if one car has liability insurance, all the cars on the policy must have it. The limits must be the same for every car on the same policy.

Each state has its own liability insurance minimum requirements that must be met.

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*Please review your own policy for details on your commercial auto coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.