Drivers can save on their insurance costs with three main types of discounts: driver, vehicle and policy discounts.


Driver discounts
Driver discounts are available based on a driver’s personal information including driving behaviors and life choices.
You may benefit from these discounts if you are:
  • A safe driver
  • A good student
  • Completed a safety course
  • Commute short distances
Vehicle discounts
Vehicle discounts are based on the car that is being insured. Classic cars may be valued higher than traditional cars, but they are also not driven as frequently which means you will get a discounted insurance rate.


Policy discounts
Policy discounts are available based on specific policy choices.
You may benefit from these discounts if you:
  • Have a multi-vehicle policy
  • Pay the policy in full to avoid finance charges
  • Bundle at least two services
  • Have a qualifying homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Have at least six months of continuous coverage
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*Please review your own policy for discounts available. Discounts vary by insurance provider.