Drivers can save on their insurance costs, for instance. With three main types of discounts: driver, vehicle and policy discounts.

Driver discounts

Driver discounts are available based on a driver’s personal information. This includes driving behaviors and life choices.

You may also benefit from these discounts if you are:

  • A safe driver

  • A good student

  • Completed a safety course

  • Commute short distances

Vehicle discounts

Depending on the type of car will determine a vehicle discount. Classic cars are also valued higher than traditional cars. However they are not driven as frequently. This means you will get a discounted insurance rate.

Policy discounts

Policy discounts are available based on specific policy choices.

You may benefit from these discounts if you:

  • Have a multi-vehicle policy

  • Pay the policy in full to avoid finance charges

  • Bundle at least two services

  • Have a qualifying homeowner’s insurance policy

  • Have at least six months of continuous coverage

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*Please review your own policy for discounts available. Discounts vary by insurance provider.