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Smoke shop insurance

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Smoke Shop Insurance

Tobacco and smoke shops truly come in all shapes and sizes. Some may have a convenience-store operation, while others run a prestigious cigar and smoking lounge. Compared to other stores, they also tend to see some significant foot traffic.

At the same time, they can’t forget that they can be literally playing with fire if they allow smoking on site. Vapes and electronic smoking products are now more commonplace than ever and come with their own risks when selling just like traditional cigars and cigarettes.

All this and more raises the question, what does the best smoke shop insurance policy look like? Because of the unique risks, there may be more coverage to consider for a smoke shop.

You may find that there is a lot of insurance to consider for such a business, but Insurance Navy is here to help you get the most affordable and easy Smoke shop insurance coverage. 

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Why do Smoke shops, Tobacco shops, and Vape shops need to have insurance? 

Every business needs to have insurance coverage in some form to operate safely without the fear of a single claim putting them out of service. Damages and injuries can occur to customers, employees, and even products in this line of work.

It often helps to consider the more specific damages and risks in addition to the obvious ones. In the context of running a smoke shop, tobacco and vape sellers have to be aware of the following risks while at work:

  • Accidental injuries to customers while they are in the shop, like the typical slip and fall injuries which the shop is liable for 
  • Accidental injuries to employees while they are at work, also like typical slip and fall injuries 
  • A tobacco or vape product that has been recalled caused a customer to get sick 
  • Regular fire hazard risks if the shop has a smoke lounge with the constant clicking of lighters 
  • Missing or stolen inventory by criminals and employees
  • Criminal damage like break-ins and vandalism 
  • Forgery, fraud, and employee dishonesty 
  • Products, like lighters, that can injure customers
  • Weather damage like hail and wind can damage the shop building 

These are just some of the things that a good Tobacco store insurance policy can protect your business from.

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How much does Smoke and Tobacco store insurance cost? 

Compared to the average cost of insuring a store location, a smoke shop doesn’t veer far from the average. The only area where they may be putting more money than usual when it comes to insurance is property damage due to the increased chances of a fire hazard and damage.

For reference, a BOP can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 annually for any given business. 

Factors that can influence the cost of commercial insurance for a store are the products being sold, the number of employees, the location, and any significant prior insurance history.

Whether or not the smoke shop has a vape or smoking bar will also play into how much its insurance premiums will be. 

What types of insurance do Smoke shops, Tobacco shops, and Vape shops need? 

There’s no one coverage fits all when it comes to the risks a business like a smoke shop may face. Compared to the average store, those specializing in smoking and tobacco products tend to deal with more risks to both customers and employees.

When smoke shop owners put together their insurance policies, they start with these essential commercial insurance coverages based on the most common risks and hazards. 

General liability insurance 

Businesses always consider what would happen if a customer were to be injured while on their property. The ensuing medical bills, lawsuits, and lost wages can put any shop out of business if a claim is filed with no insurance covering it.

At the same time, general liability may be required by the state in which a business operates. General liability claims can arise if a customer slips and falls into the store and the products it sells. 

In a smoke shop setting, the more specific injuries that customers can sustain are a result of the products. They can burn themselves on a lighter or a vape coil while it’s heating up. If the vape or smoking bar and lounges are crowded one day or night, then that only increases the odds of customers injuring themselves.

Of course, any malfunctioning or broken products like a leaking vape that is sold or injured to a customer will also be covered as part of smoke shop liability.

Smoke and tobacco stores don’t have professional liability insurance coverage since they don’t offer any services, so general liability will be at the forefront of insuring against damages and injuries from customers. 

Product liability insurance 

Product liability insurance coverage comes into play when a business is sued due to a defect in a product that was sold, while general liability covers the medical costs and lost income, as previously mentioned.

Since shops are driven by their products, it’s natural that this is one of the foremost insurance for smoke shops. This can be the case if the product is not what was advertised or was recalled for an issue. 

Lawsuits are responsible for several bankrupt businesses and shops. There are several warning labels on smoking products for a reason. As risky products themselves, it helps to make sure that they also receive insurance for the damage they can cause if there is something wrong with them.

Workers’ compensation insurance 

Now comes the security and protection of employees when they are injured on the job with workers’ compensation insurance. This is, by far, the most required commercial insurance throughout the United States, and businesses can get in trouble for not providing their workers with coverage.

Managing a storefront and inventory isn’t the most dangerous or risky job in the world, but injuries can still happen, and businesses need to be prepared to handle them. 

That isn’t to say that workers can’t hurt themselves using or demonstrating products to customers. Like general liability insurance, workers’ compensation will also cover lost wages and income if the injured employees have to miss work while they recover. Some employees have reported going ill in a tobacco shop after working long hours.

So, workers’ compensation isn’t just about insurance but also the well-being of employees, which has a direct correlation to how successful a business is.     

Commercial property insurance

Now comes the matter of protecting the store and all the property within with commercial property insurance. A store’s physical location is prone to damages caused by weather and criminal activity.

Smoke shops and establishments are more than prone is fire hazards and damage in addition to the usual electrical fire risks. It also helps to consider business interruption insurance if such damages cause the store to shut down for a period of time for repairs and misses out on income. 

Smoke shops regularly sell glass pipes of all sizes. If some were to break, be stolen, or be vandalized, then commercial property insurance would come to the rescue to cover the replacement costs.

Any other inventory or store asset damage will also become covered as long as it’s kept on the property. For more high-valued products being sold, umbrella insurance may be worth the while. 

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Additional Insurance coverage for a smoke shop 

While all the aforementioned business insurance types will be more than enough to optimally run a smoke shop, there are other coverages that store owners can consider if they wish.

While they are not required like some of the previous ones are, a business owner can find them to be incredibly useful and even save them down the road. 

Inland marine insurance 

Since tobacco and smoking products can be fragile, there is always the chance they can break before arrival at the shop.

Inland marine insurance is a form of property coverage that insures assets for this exact reason when they are in transit and even being loaded and unloaded. This is incredibly handy to have if employees regularly handle new shipments of products like water pipes.     

Business owner policy 

Tobacco and smoke shops aren’t usually corporate or franchise locations; they tend to be locally or privately owned. An affordable way business owners get the commercial insurance they need is with a business owner policy or BOP insurance.

This bundles general liability, property insurance, and business interruption into one coverage with reduced premiums. 

Smoke Shop insurance from Insurance Navy 

Insurance Navy can not only help you find the commercial insurance for your smoke shop that you need but help you save big on premiums while doing so.

As a local business ourselves, we understand the need for budgeted insurance policies and strive to set a new low-cost standard for commercial premiums, just like we famously do with car insurance.

New tobacco and especially vape products hit the market every day, and smoke shops are the foremost retailers of these still-in-demand products. Start burning away at unwanted premiums and high costs with a free Tobacco shop insurance quote online!

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